Can You Put An Expandable Garden Hose On A Reel?

Gardening enthusiasts and homeowners often face the challenge of organizing and storing their garden hoses.

One popular storage solution is a hose reel, which can make watering your plants and cleaning your yard more convenient.

But, as expandable garden hoses have become increasingly popular, you might be wondering if you can use a hose reel with these types of hoses.

The short answer is, yes, you can put an expandable hose on a reel.

While reels are typically used for traditional garden hoses, they can also accommodate expandable hoses if you take a few factors into consideration.

When deciding to use a reel with your expandable hose, be sure to choose a reel with a quick connector fitting.

Also, remember to drain out all the water from your expandable hose before winding it onto the reel.

Draining out the water ensures that it stays in place and wraps up just like a regular garden hose.

Can You Put An Expandable Garden Hose On A Reel?

Expandable Garden Hose vs Traditional Hoses

Green expandable hose isolatd in white background

Expandable hoses are a convenient and space-saving option for gardeners, as they automatically shrink back to a much smaller size when the water is turned off.

A traditional garden hose typically remains the same length regardless of water pressure and can be difficult to store due to its inflexible nature.

Let's compare their length and size differences as well as water pressure capabilities.

This will help you understand the key differences between the two and make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a hose for your garden.

Length and Size Differences

Expandable garden hoses are designed to be lightweight and compact, with the ability to expand up to three times their original length when in use.

For example, a 25-foot expandable hose can extend to 75 feet when water is flowing through it.

Traditional hoses, on the other hand, have a fixed length and can be heavier and bulkier to handle.

When it comes to storage, expandable hoses have an advantage due to their compactness when not in use.

They can easily be coiled up and stored, taking up much less space than a traditional hose of the same length.

Water Pressure Capabilities

Blue expandable hose

The water pressure capabilities of an expandable hose depend on your home's water pressure and the hose's dimensions.

Standard water pressure in American homes ranges between 40 and 60 psi.

As expandable hoses constrict when they expand, pressure from the spout increases, but the flow rate decreases.

This means your expandable hose can reach plants farther away but might take longer to water them.

Traditional hoses, however, offer a more consistent flow rate and water pressure throughout their length.

They're also less prone to kinks and might be more durable than their expandable counterparts.

While expandable hoses excel in terms of length and ease of storage, they might have some drawbacks in terms of water pressure and flow rate.

On the other hand, traditional hoses offer a more consistent water pressure experience but can be bulkier and more challenging to store.

Do Expandable Hoses Work With Reels?

Garden hose reel and sprinkler for watering plants and flowers are on a green lawn bathed in sunlight.

Expandable hoses do work with some hose reels, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the reel you choose has a quick connector fitting, as this will make it easier to attach and detach the hose from the reel.

Reels designed specifically for expandable hoses are best. However, it's important to note that not all expandable hoses are suitable for use with a reel.

Likewise, some reel designs may not be suitable for expandable hoses. Before purchasing a reel, confirm whether your expandable hose is recommended for use on a reel, as some might not meet the necessary criteria.

This video below gives great tips and can show you how it's done:

Pressure Rating and Water Supply Factors

In this section, we'll discuss how to ensure adequate water pressure and how to connect your expandable hose to the water supply.

Ensuring Adequate Water Pressure

To get the best performance from your expandable hose, you need to ensure adequate water pressure.

Most expandable hoses can handle water pressures up to 12 bars and temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, such as the Flexi Hose models.

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However, if you're using an expandable hose for pressure washers, the suitable hose should handle up to 200 psi of water pressure.

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Keep in mind that your actual water supply pressure might vary depending on your location and the time of the day.

Connecting to Water Supply

Connecting your expandable hose to the water supply is a simple task.

First, ensure that your faucet and the hose's connectors are compatible. Most expandable hoses come with standard connectors that should fit most faucets.

If necessary, you can use an adapter to make the connection.

Next, attach the hose to your faucet and make sure the connection is secure and leak-free.

After connecting the hose, slowly turn on the water supply and allow the hose to expand gradually.

It's important not to turn the water on at full pressure immediately, as this might damage the hose.

During use, keep an eye on the water pressure and adjust it as needed.

Remember to disconnect the hose from the faucet and drain the water after you're done using it.

This will help preserve the expandable hose's lifespan and prevent damage from constant water pressure.

Advantages of Storing Expandable Hoses on Reels

Storing your expandable hose on a reel has its benefits.


One of the primary benefits of using a reel for your expandable hose is the added portability.

With a reel, it's much easier to move your hose around the garden or transport it to a different location.

You no longer need to worry about the hose getting tangled when moving it; the reel keeps it neat and organized.

Furthermore, hose reels often come with a handle or wheels that make it even easier to transport your hose from one location to another.

Easy Storage

Expandable hoses are known for their compact nature, which makes storing them an easy task.

Using a reel for your expandable hose enhances this benefit even more.

Reels not only keep your hose organized, but they also protect it from potential damage by keeping it off the ground and away from harsh weather conditions.

The reel also allows you to easily wind up your expandable hose after use, saving you time and effort compared to traditional hose storage methods.

Selecting the Ideal Reel for Your Expandable Garden Hose

Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose Pipe

Choosing the right reel for your expandable garden hose can make a significant difference in convenience and ease of use.

Reel Types

There are various types of hose reels available to suit different needs and preferences.

You may want to consider the following options:

  1. Portable hose reel: A portable hose reel can be easily moved around your garden. With durable construction and rubber tires, it works well for people with multiple faucet locations.
  2. Decorative hose reel: A decorative hose reel adds a stylish touch to your garden while keeping your expandable hose organized.
  3. Wall-mounted hose reel: A wall-mounted reel saves space and keeps your hose off the ground.

Size and Capacity Considerations

Before purchasing a reel, consider the following factors regarding size and capacity:

  • Hose length: Determine the length of your expandable hose and ensure the reel you choose can accommodate that length.
  • Hose diameter: Expandable hoses usually have a standard 5/8-inch diameter. Make sure the reel is designed to handle this diameter size.
  • Storage space: Consider the available storage space in your garden or shed. Portable and decorative reels require some floor space, while wall-mounted reels can save space by utilizing vertical surfaces.

Using these guidelines, you'll be better equipped to select the ideal reel for your expandable garden hose, making watering your garden a more convenient and enjoyable experience.

Getting the Right Hose Reel

While an expandable garden hose may offer a more convenient and space-saving alternative to traditional hoses, it may not be suitable for use with a standard hose reel.

The hose's flexible design may make it difficult to wind onto the reel, and the reel's limited capacity may not be able to accommodate the longer length of an expanded hose.

It's important to consider these factors before deciding whether to use a hose reel with your expandable garden hose or to opt for other storage options.

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