Can You Grow A Plant From Just Roots?

Different ways to propagate and grow plants include stem cutting, dividing, leaf planting, and water propagation. You are probably wondering if you can also grow plants from just roots. Is it possible? We found the answer for you!

You can propagate plants from just root cuttings, even without a stem attached to them. Get a fresh root cut from a nursery, a greenhouse, or a garden during the dormant season and plant it in new soil.

Would you like to learn the steps to propagate using root cuttings? Continue reading the article for the steps and other important details. Let's dive right in!

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Can You Grow A Plant From Roots?

It is possible to grow plants from roots. You can propagate some plants from root cuttings even without a stem attached to them.

Once the plant develops and new roots grow, you can cut and use these roots to propagate into a new plant. Also, some plants grow better from root cuttings than their seeds.

Watch the video to learn more about how to grow plants from root cuttings:

How To Grow Plants From Roots

Young bare root tree in a hole waiting to be planted

These are the steps on how to grow plants from roots:

  • Get a bare root plant from a nursery, warehouse, or garden during the dormant season from January to April.
  • Best to plant the bare root within 24 hours, or if you plan to grow it later, store it in a cool, moist place. Avoid the roots getting dry out.
  • Ensure the bare root is firm, plump, intact, and healthy-looking.
  • Check for mildew, mold, or any rotting smell. It should not be too lightweight.
  • Place the bare root in a container filled with extraordinary, fresh water for about 20 minutes for soft perennials and overnight for wood plants.
  • Find a location with enough drainage, good soil, and sunlight.
  • Dig a deep, wide hole where you can cover the roots entirely. Ensure there's enough room for the roots to grow and breathe.
  • After placing the root, fill the hole with soil, and ensure that the cut tip of the root is ground level and the bottom part is under the ground.
  • Use the same soil type with the hole covering the bare root.
  • Place a stick or stake near the base of the bare root to support it while growing.
  • Water thoroughly but avoid flooding the soil. Water it about 1 inch weekly.

Tip: You can dip the bare root in a rooting hormone before planting to help quick root development.

How Do I Know If I Can Propagate From A Plant's Root Cuttings?

Not all plants can grow from root cuttings, so we listed some of the popular plants you can propagate from their roots:

  • Hydrangea
  • Achillea
  • Anemone
  • Gypsophila
  • Camellia
  • Phlox
  • Fig Tree
  • Begonia
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Rosier
  • Boxwood
  • Willow
  • Honeysuckle
  • Jasmine

What Are The Different Ways To Propagate Plants?

There are a few ways to propagate plants, some of which are listed below:

Dividing The Plant

Hands separating succulent offshoots from the mother plant for re-potting.

When dividing the plant, you can dig and pull it carefully from the soil. Shake the excess dirt from the roots. Break one part of the plant between nodes down to its shoots with roots.

Replant the separated plant into a pot or garden bed, then thoroughly water it.

Root Cuttings

A rooted cutting ready for planting. The breeding of indoor plants.

Some plants can propagate through root cuttings like salvia, phlox, chrysanthemum, jasmine, wisteria, and more. Cut the roots to 2.5-15 centimeters.

Place the roots in light soil or sand. Cover it with adequate soil and flatten it to firm it. Water it enough but not soggy. Let the root grow and establish with 4-6 leaves before transplanting.

Planting Leaves

You can propagate some plants with leaves. Cut a healthy plant leaf from the stem's base, then plant it in moist, rich soil. If a plant can grow from different parts like stem tips, roots, or apices, it can also develop from leaves.

Listed below are some of the plants that can grow from just leaves:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plant
  • Cactus
  • African Violets
  • Hoya
  • Snake Plant
  • Rex Begonia
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Painted Lady
  • Jelly Bean Plant

Water Propagation

Growing plants in water is another way of propagation. You can take a cutting from any plant's stem and regrow them in a container with fresh water. Water propagation is a standard method to produce indoor plants.

How To Regrow Dying Plant Roots

Lupine root destroyed by disease. Causes withering of the entire plant and yield loss.

Replanting the plant in a fresh soil mix or compost and watering adequately could help save the roots.

Never use the old compost or soil mix because the decay left in there will continue to invade the plant's rooting system. Here is how to regrow a dying root:

  • Clean the roots using running tap water.
  • Use loose, fresh compost, settle the plant in the compost and place it in a pot or container. Dig a hole twice as big as the roots to breathe.
  • Place the plant into the hole.
  • Fill the hole with soil, and sprinkle with water.
  • You can use the rooting hormone. Dip the roots but don't feed the plant too much of it. Let the plant regrow its roots before feeding.

What Is The Best Rooting Hormone For Root Cuttings?

Listed here are the best rooting hormone for root cuttings:

Bonide Bontone II Rooting Powder

If you are looking for a rooting hormone that works best for root cuttings, Bonide Rooting Powder is ideal for your bare root plant.

This product promotes root development and stimulates root production of your cuttings. Dip the roots in the powder before planting.

Garden Safe Take Root

This rooting hormone promotes the root growth of new plants from cuttings. Works best with garden, greenhouse, and home plant varieties. Dip the root to moisten it before planting.

Click here to check the Take Root on Amazon.

MetaMagic Rooting Hormone For Cuttings

MetaMagic Rooting Hormone promotes rapid root growth for cacti cuttings, fruit trees, flowers, indoor plants, vegetables, and woody, herbaceous plants.

This rooting hormone works best with any propagation.

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HydroDynamics CLonex Rooting Gel

This rooting gel is a water-based rooting compound that helps root production for all plant cuttings, providing trace elements and nutrients to nourish new roots.

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Doff Natural Hormone Rooting Powder

This works in all cuttings and promotes healthy and strong roots. You can use this product all year round.

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Technaflora Rootech Gel For Plants

This product has powerful hormones to promote healthy and rapid root development, providing fast-growing root systems.

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General Hydroponics Rapid Start Rooting Enhancer

Rooting Enhancer enhances vigor and yield, delivering nutrients to the roots for fast growth. This product is ideal for stimulating root branching and increasing fine root hairs.

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PetraTools Myco Giant Stimulator & Rooting Powder

Myco Giant enhances healthy roots in planting, transplanting, and other growing systems. This product promotes nutrients and additional moisture. You can directly add Myco Giant to the roots and soil.

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Flourish Clone Rooting Hormone

Rooting hormone gel is ideal for cloning cuttings and plants. This product works well on shrubs and all types of plants. Coat the cut portion before planting.

Avoid adding too much rooting hormone to prevent overwhelming plants.

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General Organics BioRoot Root Booster

This root booster is a natural plant growth supplement to establish vibrant and vigor root systems.

Made from organic acids and humates, the rooting booster is perfect for seedlings and all kinds of cuttings in all plant stages.

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To Finish It Up

Growing plants from root cuttings are possible, and picking the right plants to propagate through this method helps a lot for successfully multiplying your plants. Through this article, we hope we have helped you grow your garden.

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