Can An Areca Palm Grow Indoors?

Figuring out which kind of plants can grow indoors can be tricky without some help. Do you want to add an Areca palm into your home, or are you currently having trouble with the one you already have? We have done the research to find you the answers. Let's discuss.

According to what we found, Areca palms are very indoor friendly. These tropical palms not only thrive in indoor spaces but also purify the air you breathe. From what we learned, indoor Areca palms do best when:

  • They have adequate sunlight but not direct exposure.
  • They are watered three to four times per week.
  • Their planter is big enough to allow for root development.
  • The temperature stays between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

As we get into this post, we will show you how to grow and care for an indoor Areca palm. We also tagged some helpful related products to get you going in the right direction. With that said, let's dive into this topic!

An up close photo of an Areca Palm tree on a garden, Can An Areca Palm Grow Indoors?

How To Care For An Indoor Areca Palm

If you consider an Areca palm for your indoor space, you must take good care of it. From what we found, Areca palms require more attention than regular house plants and brown easily if left in the sun for too long. The key to keeping your Areca palm happy and healthy is attention and moderate conditions.

1. Adequate Sunlight

When it comes to the sun, Areca palms are very particular. Ideally, you should plant an Areca palm somewhere with at least four hours of indirect sunlight per day. Your plant should not be in full sun for more than a couple of hours to prevent it from browning.

2. Consistent Watering

Another crucial part of keeping your Areca palms happy and growing is proper watering. Areca palms need to be watered every other day or at least three times per week. We suggest watering them before the sun is entirely out or even at dusk to prevent evaporation.

3. Enough Space To Grow

Areca palms essentially grow as big as their planter allows them. Meaning, if you want to see your palm grow upwards of six feet, you should invest in a large enough planter to allow for root development. Areca palms don't do well with constant re-potting, so make sure to go up a few sizes when you plant yours.

La Jolíe Muse 14" Indoor Tree Planter

Here is a 14-inch indoor planter from La Jolíe that is perfect for a new Areca palm. This planter has a modern 3D design and comes in a few different colors.

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4. Moderate Temperature

One of the most important factors in indoor Areca palm growing is temperature. Although these palms come from a tropical climate, they often cannot handle dramatic temperature changes or extremely hot or cold environments. Ideally, we recommend keeping your home's temperature between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your palm stable.

Where Do Areca Palms Come From?

An up close photo of an Areca Palm tree

Areca palms (Dypsis lutescens), also known as the butterfly or golden cane palm, are native to Madagascar. These tropical trees are widely used in indoor spaces like malls and apartments because of their love for indirect sunlight. Areca palms grow anywhere from six-12 feet indoors and can reach heights of over 20 feet when planted outside.

Is Areca Palm A Good Indoor Plant?

When it comes to an Areca palm being a good indoor plant option, we say yes! The unique thing about these palms is that they do better in moderate temperatures and don't like total sun exposure. These palms are also pet-friendly, meaning they are not toxic and are even safe for children. As long as you can handle their needy watering schedule, this palm is a perfect option for your home.

American Plant Exchange Indoor/Outdoor Areca Palm

Here is a live indoor Areca palm we found from the American Plant Exchange Store. This palm comes with a one-gallon nursery planter and is 18-20 inches upon arrival.

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Where Should I Plant My Areca Palm?

A small Areca palm tree placed on the side of a room near the window, Areca Palm Dying - What To Do?

According to our research, the best place to plant an Areca palm inside a home is the living or dining room. We say this because of the amount of light these rooms typically have and how well Areca palms tend to do in them. The living room is our recommendation between the two and is easy to access for watering or trimming. You want to make sure your palm is near a window with some sun but not enough to turn its fronds brown.

Can An Areca Palm Go In The Bedroom?

Although this will depend on your bedroom's windows, an Areca palm can benefit your bedroom space. Areca palms are known for their toxin-absorbing fronds and air purifying qualities, ideal for a bedroom. According to a study done by NASA, adding live plants such as an Areca palm to your home can improve air quality and overall health throughout your space.

California Tropicals 4" Areca Palm

Here is a smaller Areca palm that is perfect for your bedroom from California Tropicals. This palm comes fully rooted in a four-inch planter and varies in size upon arrival.

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How Do You Fertilize Indoor Palm Trees?

When it comes to fertilizing an indoor palm tree, you should use fertilizer every few months and monthly during the spring and summer. Areca palms are relatively slow-growing, so adding fertilizer is always a good idea when working with this type of tree. According to what we found, organic and nutrient-rich fertilizers tend to work better on Areca palms rather than harsh chemicals. It is always better to go a natural route with your soil and fertilizer to ensure your plant gets as many nutrients as possible.

Do Indoor Plants Need Fertilizer?

Regardless of whether your plants are inside or out, it never hurts to fertilize. You have to remember that indoor plants don't have the same benefits that outdoor plants naturally do. To get the nutrients they need, you should fertilize your indoor plants more frequently than those outside and try to stick with natural ingredients.

Espoma Indoor Liquid All Natural Plant Food

Here is a natural fertilizer from Espoma that will work on an Areca palm. This plant food comes in an easy-to-use squirt bottle and goes right into your plant's water.

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Joyful Dirt Premium Concentrated Organic Plant Food and Fertilizer

Here is organic plant food and fertilizer from Joyful Dirt to try on your Areca palm. This fertilizer has Mycorrhizae and other vital nutrients to help your tree grow without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Can An Areca Palm Survive In Low Light?

A small Areca Palm tree planted on a vase inside a living room

If you find yourself living in a home with low light, an Areca palm may not be for you. That is not to say your home has to have bright light throughout, but there needs to be an area that gets sun for at least four to six hours per day. Areca palms love indirect warmth and light, so if you do not have a place with that, your palms will struggle to survive. Overall, low light doesn't mean you can't have an Areca palm; it just means one may not grow as well compared to a brighter space. 

How Often Do I Need To Water An Indoor Palm?

Regardless of where you have your indoor palm, it needs to be watered often. We recommend watering your indoor palm three to four times per week to see the best growth. Remember, these palm trees come from humid environments and are used to tropical, warm climates. Even though your palm tree can acclimate to a drier or cooler space, it still needs as much moisture as possible.

The Wrap Up

There are many benefits to having an Areca palm in your home versus keeping it outside. Areca palms are extremely indoor friendly and thrive in warm, bright environments. Not only do these palm trees prefer moderate temperatures, but they also work to purify the air in your home. We found that even placing an Areca palm in the bedroom can help keep you healthy and breathing better at night. Whether you are a longtime Areca palm enthusiast or just beginning your research, you can't go wrong with one of these air-cleaning trees.

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