Where To Buy Window Boxes For Your Flowers? [Online Stores Guide]

Where to Buy Window Boxes For Your Flowers? (Online Stores Guide)One of the best things about online shopping is the sheer variety that’s afforded to consumers. We no longer have to simply abide by what’s available in brick and mortar locations. Instead, we have the opportunity to shop from the convenience of our own homes across a multitude of online retailers. Everything that you could need or want is only a keystroke away, including the perfect window box to complement the exterior of your home.

Where can you buy window boxes? I’m here today to tell you exactly where on the internet you can get the best options on the market. I’ve compiled a list of 50 online retailers that you can go to for your window box needs. Each shop is reputable and ships to all 50 US states.

And if you need inspiration on how to plant your flowers into your gorgeous new window boxes, we've got you covered as well. Make sure to visit our page with 40+ Window Boxes Ideas.

1. Amazon

Amazon website page for windows plant boxes

Online superstore giant Amazon is the world’s go-to shopping resource for pretty much everything, and for good reason. Their supply is tremendous in variety, so you can find a window box for every look and function that you need.

One of the best features of Amazon is the abundance of reviews to help you make an informed purchase. Customers are unflinchingly honest when leaving online reviews, and you get to use this to your benefit!

For great prices and even better variety, Amazon.com is one of the first places you should look.

2. eBay

Ebay website page for windows plant boxes

Everybody knows about eBay, but not everyone is aware that bidding isn’t necessary to make a purchase through this large online retailer. You can buy your window box right now, and at a price that rivals even Amazon.

Online retailers from far and wide have joined eBay to sell their wares to the public. They function a lot like Amazon, letting you select from a multitude of options while perusing their reviews system.

Save money and time today by going to eBay.com when it’s time to buy your next window box.


3. WalMart

Walmart website page for windows plant boxes

In recent years, the superstore known as WalMart has tremendously expanded their services in the online sphere. They give you two shipment options for the purchase of your window box: shipping right to your door or in-store pickup.

Whatever size and style you need, WalMart has a window box for every aesthetic. They frequently have items on clearance or Rollback, which can save you even more money than you’re already saving by choosing this retailer.

If you want to order from a company that is well known and aims to save you some hard-earned dollars, WalMart should be on your list of considerations.

4. Target

Target website page for windows plant boxes

This retailer is well-known for having the trendiest items at very competitive prices. Window boxes are not excluded from this. In fact, you can find some of the most stylish models from the best window box and planter brands around when you browse Target.com.

Why settle for a window box that gets the job done, but simply doesn’t provide the look you’re after? You don’t have to pay too much for a window box that you’ll delight in looking at. Shipping is fast and easy, but also free on orders over $35.

If style is something that you consider important when choosing a window box that fits your budget, Target is a great option for you.

5. Lowe’s

Lowe's website page for windows plant boxes

The home improvement giant Lowe’s has everything you need to spruce up your home on the inside or outside. Their selection of window boxes, like all things sold by this retailer, is stocked with only reputable brands.

Available to consumers is a wide assortment of sizes and styles, so you can feel confident that Lowe’s will have what you need.

Check out Lowes.com today to see what this popular home improvement shop has to offer.

6. Ace Hardware

Ace hardware website page for windows plant boxes

America’s helpful place – Ace Hardware – has everything that you need to set up your dream window box. From the equipment needed to sturdily hang your new window box to the perfect box to house your herbs and blossoms, they’ve got it all.

Ace Hardware is one of the nation’s most trusted home improvement project retailers, and that’s a reputation that is earned.

Visit Acehardware.com to learn more!

7. Overstock

Overstock website page for windows plant boxes

Overstock.com has everything under the sun that you could ever ask for, at least when it comes to decorating and improving your home. Among their stock is a wide selection of window boxes for you to choose from.

The website is already known for providing quality goods at spectacular prices, but they pile on discounts too! With each visit, you get a chance to save 5% off your order or redeem free shipping.

Overstock.com is a great find for anybody looking to decorate the inside or outside of their home.

8. Etsy

Etsy website page for windows plant boxes

Known far and wide to be a go-to resource for quirky, unique and inspired creations, Etsy sellers provide all kinds of goodies. Of course, window boxes are on that list.

The crafts-based website has window boxes of all shapes, sizes and price ranges available for you to check out. And since individual sellers are frequently updating their shops, you never know when that perfect window box for your project is going to come across your screen.

For a touch of something special, consider buying a window box from Etsy.com.

9. Home Depot

Home Depot website page for windows plant boxes

Hardware stores are treasure troves for gardeners of all varieties. Home Depot has long been a neighborhood resource for DIY projects like yours, so why not check out what the buzz is about?

On their website or in their stores, you can purchase all of the hardware and accessories needed to install and jazz up your window box with a personal flair. Their online interface makes it easy to compare sizes, brands and prices so that you can make the best choice for your window box endeavors.

Check out their website at homedepot.com to see what I mean.

10. Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply website page for windows plant boxes

This chain of stores provides everything you need for animal care, farm care, gardening and much more. They not only sell window boxes and the hardware needed to install whichever one you choose, but they also have everything you want to keep your window box garden in tip-top shape.

Tractor Supply frequently runs sales on their high-quality products, including their window boxes. You can save big bucks while making a big impact on the outer appearance of your home.

Want to see what’s on sale now? Go to tractorsupply.com now to find out.

11. Wayfair

Wayfair website page for windows plant boxes

This popular online retailer specializes in home décor, including gardening supplies. Their window boxes alone have a pretty hefty selection with a wide variety of designs, sizes and prices. Regardless of your need, they are sure to have a window box to fit the bill.

Also, Wayfair prioritizes customers by favoring them with great perks to shopping with them. Such perks include free shipping on orders over $49 and daily sales specials.

To learn what the buzz surrounding Wayfair is all about, visit wayfair.com.

12. Window Flower Boxes

Window Flower Boxes website page for windows plant boxes

Like the name of the company suggests, window boxes are their business. Even at a glance, their website illustrates a surprising amount of variety for you to choose from. Wrought iron, cedar, and self-watering window boxes are only a handful of the selections that windowflowerboxes.com has available.

When you’re serious about cultivating a beautiful window box garden, you should consider going with the pros who specialize in this activity. These window boxes are available in custom sizes and are guaranteed for life.

To immerse yourself in an in-depth world of window boxes, visit windowflowerboxes.com.

13. Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardener’s Supply Company website page for windows plant boxes

This brand highlights every type of gardening you could imagine, including window boxes. They offer not only reasonably priced and visually appealing flower boxes, but also everything that you could ever need to keep your window box garden thriving.

I really recommend that you check out gardeners.com when you’re shopping around for window boxes and accessories.

14. Window Box

Window Box website page for windows plant boxes

Everything that you could ever need for a window box garden can be found at windowbox.com. Are you looking for a particular style that will best complement your blooms and the exterior of your home? Lucky for you, Window Box has boxes of all sizes, materials, colors and patterns to ensure that their selection meets your needs.

This website wants to make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your window box. So, they offer advice and information in addition to high-quality window boxes and garden accessories!

For an incredible selection that’s hard to come by, visit windowbox.com.

15.  Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath, and beyond website page for windows plant boxes

As a part of the “beyond,” this retailer offers window boxes to add some flair to your windows, railings and more. They carry items from premium brands that are backed up by tremendous quality as well as visual appeal.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is a trusted name in home care and décor, for good reason. Their prices are reasonable, and their products are of great quality. You never have to worry about your window box being flimsy or incapable of meeting your expectations.

Pop by bedbathandbeyond.com today to see what I mean.

16. Hooks & Lattice

Hooks and Lattice website page for windows plant boxes

If you’re aiming for a truly unique window box, Hooks & Lattice should be at the top of your list of considerations for a custom product. Their specialty lies in the creation of custom PVC, wrought iron, wood, and fiberglass window boxes. This means that you can get any material shaped exactly the way you want it!

Tied in with their inventory is information on each type of window box that they have available. Hooks & Lattice is dedicated to ensuring that you have a great experience in shaping your own window box.

To learn more or consult with their customer service line, visit hooksandlattice.com.

17. Kinsman Company

Kinsman Company website page for windows plant boxes

While this company’s selection of window boxes is relatively small, you can rest assured that you are getting great quality with every purchase. Kinsman Company also sells the brackets and other hardware that you may need to get your gardening project started.

Each window box is constructed from durable steel and coated in black plastic. These boxes are designed to handle whatever cultivation you can throw at them.

Pay a visit to kinsmangarden.com to browse their wares.

18. Mayne

Mayne website page for windows plant boxes

If a high-end and elegant touch is what you’re after, the window box solutions sold by Mayne could very well be the answer you’ve been searching for. With numerous collections boasting various sizes, colors, and materials, the Mayne brand provides quite an assortment of stunning window boxes.

Each window box comes with all of the hardware you’d need to set it up, as well as a 15-year warranty for your protection.

Visit gomayne.com if you’re considering elevating your window garden’s elegance.

19. H Potter

H potter website page for windows plant boxes

Copper can be used to create a multitude of looks, from rustic to ultra-modern. And that is exactly what the H Potter brand has decided to showcase in their copper window box inventory. Their products are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, depending on what you want to do and the season.

Metal window boxes do not tend to get the same attention as some other options, like traditional wood, but H Potter really raises the bar.

See what I mean by visiting hpotter.com.

20. Millstores Furniture Outlets

MIllsotores Furniture Outlets website page for windows plant boxes

Do you want to save a buck or two without sacrificing quality? Millstores Furniture Outlets has a solution that you can feel enthusiastic about. Their window box product inventory includes all of the brackets and accents that you need to put in the “finishing touch.” The boxes themselves range significantly in price, material, and color. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

For a happy blend of beauty and value, don’t skip millstores.com.

21. Walpole Outdoors

Walpole Outdoor website page for windows plant boxes

Sometimes you want to invoke the image of a cozy summer cottage with your window box. Walpole Outdoors creates window boxes that look like pictures from a fairy tale. Classic accents, vivid eye-catching white and a serious focus on the details make for window boxes that are sure to make your window garden look like a dream.

Walpole Outdoors sells window boxes made of wood and of a vinyl that mimics the appearance of wood without the warping and rotting. All of their window boxes come equipped with drainage holes and mounting brackets.

Go to Walpoleoutdoors.com to check out their selection!

22. True Value

True Value website page for windows plant boxes

True Value’s selection of window boxes is greatly smaller than those of the Home Depot or Lowe’s, but don’t discount this home improvement store just yet. What may be lacking in options is heaping in quality, which is an essential part of purchasing any window box for your home.

You can have your new window box shipped directly to your home, or free to your area True Value Hardware!

Check out the window boxes at truevalue.com today.

23. Jackson & Perkins

Jackson Perkins website page for windows plant boxes

Your window boxes make a distinct impression on people who view your home. Why not make the best impression possible with the high-quality and beautiful window boxes from Jackson & Perkins? This brand offers self-watering window boxes, regular window boxes, and accessories for each, at prices that might surprise you.

Many of their window box models are also available for free shipping. Check it out at jacksonandperkins.com.

24. Plow Hearth

Plow Hearth website page for windows plant boxes

Among this brand’s offerings are English hay window planters and traditional wooden boxes, so you’ve got a few things to consider before making a purchase with Plow Hearth. Several of their models are self-watering, so that is another detail to factor into your decision.

Outdoor gardening is meant to be beautiful and make a statement. Plow Hearth’s line of window boxes definitely achieve this goal.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out plowhearth.com for yourself!

25. Garden Metalwork

Garden Metal Work website page for windows plant boxes

Garden Metalwork provides a sturdy and aesthetic aluminum solution for window box gardens. The company boasts that their window boxes will never rust nor sag, guaranteeing you a lifelong love of your window garden!

They offer different sizes and styles, so which window box you choose is entirely up to personal preference.

To learn more about the benefits of aluminum window boxes, check out their website: gardenmetalwork.com.

26. Hayneedle

Hayneedle website page for windows plant boxes

This online window box retailer sells boxes manufactured by brands you know and love, like Mayne and Balconera. While many sellers keep a rather limited selection available to consumers, Hayneedle has a rather large inventory of window boxes to choose from.

Regardless of size, color, brand or material, Hayneedle has an option to suit everyone. Check out their full inventory at hayneedle.com.

27. Design Toscano

Design Toscano website page for windows plant boxes

The European-inspired metal window box sold by Design Toscano is an eye-catching and beautiful way to host your flowers for all the world to see. This may be the only window box featured by this brand, but that doesn’t detract from its beauty.

If you want to see this stunning window box for yourself, visit their website at designtoscano.com.

28. Best Nest

Best nest website page for windows plant boxes

If you want variety and value, Best Nest offers both in their inventory of window boxes. You don’t have to spend a pretty penny to have a pretty window box garden, as Best Nest goes to show, so why should you? While this retailer may not have as large an assortment of window boxes as the others on this list, the ones that they do have are worth taking a look at.

To do exactly that, take a moment to look over their inventory at bestnest.com.

29. Bellacor

Bellacor website page for windows plant boxes

Bellacor window boxes are the pinnacle of sturdy construction meeting sophistication. If you’re striving for a sense of elegance beneath your windowsill, this brand could very well be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Their window boxes vary as much as you could expect of any high-end brand, with prices that seem surprising for the craftsmanship that goes into each one.

If you’re focused on adding a touch of elegance and complexity to your window garden, check out bellacor.com.

30. QVC

QVC website page for windows plant boxes

QVC.com offers window boxes at affordable prices, but that doesn’t mean that you are stuck with something less than visually appealing. These window boxes are priced to sell, but their quality is solid and they provide a simple, clean look for your plants to be housed within. Whatever size you need for your window garden, you can be confident that QVC can meet or exceed your expectations.

Go to QVC.com today to see their selection of window boxes.

31. Joss & Main

Joss & Main website page for windows plant boxes

The window box planters sold by Joss & Main are as varied as the customers who seek them out! Their immense selection makes it simultaneously easy yet difficult to settle on any choice in window boxes, but I’m not counting that as a bad thing. There’s no such thing as having too many options!

This website lets you filter your search down to size, material and even clearance items, so it’s possible that you may find a window box solution that never would have crossed your mind otherwise.

Check out Joss & Main’s selection of window boxes by visiting their website: jossandmain.com.

32. Birch Lane

Birch Lane website page for windows plant boxes

From metal to plastic to wood, Birch Lane has a window box for every flavor. Many of their window boxes are available in several sizes, so you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice the model you want for the size you need.

Birch Lane specializes in outdoor décor, making them a reliable resource for window boxes and other related projects. If you need further proof, just visit birchlane.com.

33. Lechuza

Lechuza website page for windows plant boxes

Lechuza.us doesn’t have an expansive window box inventory, but that doesn’t stop them from selling the highly appealing window box by Balconera. This window box comes with an interchangeable liner, with mounting straps available to suit your specific needs.

If you’ve been struggling to find a beautiful and functional window box that suits your tastes, I recommend that you check out the box sold at lechuza.us.

34. Earth Easy

Earth Easy website page for windows plant boxes

Are you trying to get back to your roots with a simplistic but pretty window box planter for your home? Earth Easy offers exactly that, in the form of natural cedar boxes! While an elegant or ornate window box might be suitable for some situations, Earth Easy provides window boxes that truly allow the blossoms, herbs and other plant life within to really shine.

Go to eartheasy.com to see the kind of beauty that cedar can inject into your window garden.

35. Grandin Road

Grandin Road website page for windows plant boxes

This brand only offers 3 different models of window box, but that shouldn’t deter you. All of these window boxes are available in a variety of colors so that you can perfectly complement the plant life living in your window garden. This kind of flexibility is helpful when searching for the perfect window box to accentuate a home’s exterior.

Grandinroad.com has a window box for everyone’s tastes, so take a look.

36. The Garden Gates

The Garden Gates website page for windows plant boxes

The Garden Gates provides beautiful light and dark window boxes for your blooms to stand against in brilliant contrast beneath your window. They seem to specialize in 3 and 4-foot models, which make for a great addition to most window spaces. Additionally, their customer care seems to be the prominent reason why they have such a loyal customer base.

To get in on this treatment for yourself and your plants, pay a visit to thegardengates.com.

37. Outdoor Furniture Plus

Outdoor Furniture Plus website page for windows plant boxes

This retailer is another that specializes in unfinished wooden window boxes. Their variety of such boxes is greater than many other websites that specialize in selling the same, which I can definitely see as a plus. You can paint or stain these window boxes to your exact specifications or let the beauty of the natural wood show. It’s all up to you.

Sometimes natural is better. Consider taking a look at outdoorfurnitureplus.com to see that for yourself.

38. Big Lots

Big Lots website page for windows plant boxes

This massive retail chain is known for providing indoor and outdoor home décor at prices that beat out the competition. This is certainly true of their window boxes, which are priced well below what you could expect to spend with most other brands. While the quality might not be the strongest, these are a great option for beginners who are just entering their love affair with window gardening.

Visit biglots.com to see their low-cost window boxes.

39. Wayside Gardens

Wayside Gardens website page for windows plant boxes

Wayside Gardens offers decently priced and beautiful window boxes, including one that is in the unexpected shade of green. These window boxes, as few as they offer, are high quality and stunning. Your plants will thrive with the proper loving care when they are nestled within a window box from this brand.

To check out the classic stylings of these window boxes, go to waysidegardens.com.

40. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart website page for windows plant boxes

The home and garden expert herself, Martha Stewart, sells window boxes to help you infuse a sense of style and nature beneath your window. Wood or metal, large or small, her website offers a significant amount of variety for those who wish to plan their own window gardens. All you have to do is search through the vast inventory to find which one you want – if you can settle on just one.

The name Martha Stewart speaks for itself. But I encourage you to check out marthastewart.com to see the variety for your own benefit.

41. Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma website page for windows plant boxes

The high-end home décor brand Williams Sonoma only sells one window box, but it is a great find if you are trying to achieve an antique-inspired look for your window box garden. This large planter box can easily be fixed onto your window with minimal hardware. It can play home to a significant number of plants, as well, so this window box allows you to really flex your creativity.

To see the one window box offered by this brand, visit Williams-sonoma.com.

42. Menards

Menards website page for windows plant boxes

Another major retail chain to grace this list is Menards, a garden superstore that you should definitely know about. Menards offers a wide variety of window boxes to help you achieve your window gardening needs, and at prices that you will love. In your search for the perfect window box, you should absolutely look at Menards.

Go to menards.com to view their website.

43. Kmart

Kmart website page for windows plant boxes

Kmart offers cost-effective window box shopping for gardeners. If you are a beginner to window gardening or you just want a very simplistic box to work out of, Kmart is definitely a solid option that you should consider.

To see reasonably priced, relatively high-quality window boxes, go to kmart.com.

Know more about the types of window boxes! Check it out!




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