Where To Buy Petunia Seeds (Top 30 Online Stores)

Are you buying seeds online? If you have a store near you, you may be wondering why in the world you would bother getting online to buy flower seeds when you could just run and pick some up. There are quite a few great reasons!

Whether you're buying your petunia seeds online or in-person from a store, there is always a chance that the seeds won't grow, or that you may get an incorrectly labeled product. Online reviews are a great safeguard against that happening to you. You get to see which products are purchased most frequently and safeguard yourself against the chance of an unsatisfactory purchase with the classic five-star review system.

Where to Buy Petunia Seeds (Top 30 online stores)

Finally, how many of us have ever told ourselves that we would grab something from the store next time we went, and completely forgot about it?  You can pull out your phone and order the petunia seeds on the spot, removing any possible chance that you'll forget and not remember until it's too late, or inconvenient to run back to the store.

So let's go over some online store where you can purchase petunia seeds, and hopefully find one that suits your needs!

1. Amazon

Amazon website product page for Petunia Seeds

Amazon is the classic online shopping experience that has set the bar for everyone else to meet when it comes to eCommerce and the internet shopping extravaganza that has been sweeping the nation. Selling everything from house building kits to flower seeds, Amazon has built a reputation based on customer trust and reviews from verified customers that reflect the product in question.

With the ability to sort through your search results by average rating, brand, and even plant type, you're going to have no problem when it comes to finding the product you're looking for. Many of their seed options also come with free shipping, whether you're a Prime member or not, so if you're looking to save money and get a product, you can be sure of, Amazon is your place!

Click here to purchase these seeds from Amazon.

2. eBay

eBay website product page for Petunia Seeds

eBay is another very established eCommerce giant. Still, whereas Amazon is generally selling products from established businesses, eBay has built itself around average people, like your neighbors' next door, or your brother-in-law. eBay is primarily a host site for other people to sell products, kind of like a giant online yard sale, and yes, they have flowers and flower seeds!

But if you're buying flower seeds from a random person on the internet, how can you be sure that you're going to be getting what you paid for? Nobody wants to get ripped off by a stranger online. eBay has a customer-driven rating system that takes care of that problem! Not only will the product you're buying have ratings in and of itself, but the people who have purchased the product also have the chance to leave a rating on the person, or "business" itself.

This way, you can see for yourself that the item you're purchasing is the quality you want, and you can read up on the person selling it to make sure that they're trustworthy, easy to work with, and provide quality products.

Click here to purchase petunia seeds from eBay.

3. Burpee

Burpee website product page for Petunia Seeds

Burpee, despite the name, is not an exercise store, it's a gardening and gardening supply store! Their website is incredibly user-friendly, doing things like automatically telling you what your growing zone is, so you don't have to try and figure it out for yourself while you're shopping.

They often have sales and discounts going on, and they have an entire section of their website devoted entirely to their current deals, helping you save money on the things you might be looking to incorporate into your landscape.

If you're looking for fancier options, like hybrids, this is the place for you to go! While the prices are slightly higher, you're going to be getting blossoms that are worth the price!

Click here to buy this product online.

4. Harris Seeds

Harriss Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

With over 130 results when searched for petunia seeds, you're not going to be disappointed when it comes to the selection at Harris Seeds! All you have to do is select the product you want, and you have all kinds of information available to you, like whether the item is on backorder, estimated availability date if it is, and the exact information you need to get your seeds to germinate.

Click here to check out their product catalog. 

5. Home Depot

Home Depot website product page for Petunia Seeds

Home Depot has developed quite the reputation for itself in being the place to go when it comes to purchasing things related to the hardware of your home. Expanding that to things like washing machines and refrigerators has established it as THE place to go for nearly everything home-related.

Luckily for us, they aren't just limited to things inside the home! They have many things for landscaping, including plants and seeds. Just input your location when you get on to the site, and it will help you find the nearest store, tell you their available stock, and whether or not they can ship it to you!

Click here to buy these seeds from Home Depot.

6. Park Seed

Park Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

Park Seed has several beneficial features available to you upon entering their website. Any specials sales and discounts are prominently displayed across the top of the webpage, making it clear which discounts or shipping specials are available to you! New products are marked with a sticker across the picture of the product giving you the best possible chance of grabbing something unique that may go fast.

Click here to check out their online inventory.

7. Swallow Tail Garden Seeds

Swallow Tail Garden Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

Swallow Tail Garden Seeds have a fantastic sorting system that makes it incredibly easy to find precisely what you're looking for. Each category of petunia is marked at the top. Still, if you're looking for more specific information, you can scroll down and read more about the different benefits of the various flowers.

Click here to check out these products.

8. Walmart

Walmart website product page for Petunia Seeds

Walmart, like Amazon, is one of the obvious answers. Made famous for carrying almost everything you could need for the inside AND outside of your house, Walmart has built a name for itself through sheer availability and great prices. Now online, and with a great app, finding what you need and getting it delivered to your door has never been easier.

Click here to check out their products page.

9. Wish

Wish website product page for Petunia Seeds

Wish is somewhat like eBay, but with a little more risk. It's essentially a giant store where individual businesses can sell their products, but many of those products come from overseas, occasionally giving you less of a guarantee. However, there are many quality products and amazing prices. As long as you pay attention to the product and store ratings, you'll be good to go!

Click here to check out this product on Wish.

10. Seeds 'n Such

Seeds n' Such website product page for Petunia Seed

Seeds 'n Such has nice, big, detailed pictures that show you exactly what your product should look like. Prominently displayed on their page for each product are a description and a price, giving you the information you need right away. They also have a "Web Exclusives" section, so make sure to check that out!

Click here to buy petunia seeds from Seeds 'n Such.

11. Etsy

Etsy website product page for Petunia Seeds

Etsy is a great website to check out for all things creative. From flower seeds to homemade jewelry, they've got what you're looking for. An extra perk? Each purchase supports an independent, generally "one-person business," so you're supporting someone's creative endeavors!

Click here to purchase these petunia seeds from Etsy.

12. Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer website product page for Petunia Seeds

Urban Farmer has a regularly cycling inventory, so make sure you check it frequently to make sure you get what you want! Sort your search results by pride or by award winners, but make sure you get it fast before someone gets it first!

Click here to buy this product!

13. White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm website product page for Petunia Seeds

White Flower Farm is one of the most well rounded, put together sites that we've been able to find. They have everything you could need in a gardening site, from tips and tricks to discounts on gift certificates. They've got it all!

Click here to look at this product.

14. Outside Pride

Outside Pride website product page for Petunia Seeds

When you need something to be proud of, Outside Pride will have what you need. And if you have any problems, they have a support bar prominently displayed at the top of their page, ready to help you with whatever you need. In contrast, many other websites have their contact information hidden at the bottom.

They even have helpful resources for you to view everything from planting instructions, soil help, and many other things. It's a store, but it's also a resource, so make sure you use it!

Click here to buy these petunia seeds.

15. Plant World Seeds

Plant World Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

One of the most simplistic sites you could find, Plant World Seeds has what you're looking for, while not overwhelming you with graphics, too many sorting options, and information that doesn't pertain to your product search.

Click here to purchase seeds from this online store.

16. DHGate.com

DHGate.com website product page for Petunia Seeds

DHGate.com is a vast online store, with a plethora of opportunities for discounts. Not only do they have an entire page devoted to coupons, but if you download their app, there are additional opportunities for discounts!

Click here to check out this online catalog.

17. True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market website product page for Petunia Seeds

With a focus on having all non-GMO merchandise, True Leaf Market is a great place to shop if you're wanting to focus on staying all-natural. With all products marked as in stock or not on the search results page, you don't have to worry about getting your hope up for a flower that isn't there.

Click here to purchase from this online catalog.

18. Bonanza

Bonanza website product page for Petunia Seeds

Bonanza's website comes with an incredibly thorough product filtering system, enabling you to sort through products by soil type, watering needs, foliage, and more!

Click here to view their online catalog.

19. NewChic

NewChic website product page for Petunia Seeds

NewChic is one of those stores that seems to have everything you can think of. Flower seeds? Check. Shoes? They're nothing alike, but they have that too, and they have pretty fantastic prices, with easy access to discounts!

Click here to view this store's catalog.

20. Banggood

Banggood website product page for Petunia Seeds

Banggood does a remarkable job of giving you a lot of information without being overwhelming. By simply sliding your cursor over the product you're interested in, you can see whether or not it's on sale, and you're given the option to add it to a wish list or view similar products.

One feature that seems to be unique to this website is the option to sort your products by color! If you're looking for a flower in a specific shade, this is the website for you.

Click here to view this product.

21. Seed Man

Seed Man website product page for Petunia Seeds

Seed Man does a marvelous job of giving you specific information on every type of slower or flower seed that they carry, leaving no question in your mind as to the kind of product you're going to be purchasing, and how to take care of it. From aesthetic descriptions to care instructions, they've got you covered.

Click here to view this online catalog.

22. 2B Seeds

2B Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

On 2B Seeds, each product page starts with an informational blurb about the product in question, telling you how to give the seeds their best chance to achieve germination, the different varieties of the product in question, and the differences between them so you can give them their best chance for survival.

Click here to check out these products online.

23. Seed Area

Seed Area website product page for Petunia Seeds

Along with flower seeds, seed arena sells seeds for many other plant products, like vegetables, fruits, and many other things. Groundcover, vines, trees, you name it, they've got it! Once you've clicked on a product, the page gives you all the instructions you need to grow the seeds properly, and it also gives you suggestions of other plants that are similar, which you may like as well.

Click here to look at this online catalog.

24. Green Seed Garden

Green Seed Garden website product page for Petunia Seeds

Green Seed Garden has been running for almost 30 years, giving it a reputation for dependability that many other stores don't have. Prominently displayed on a banner across the top of their website is a rotating announcement board informing you of things you may want to know about, like specific sales or deals on shipping.

Another helpful aspect of this website? When you select the plant you're looking for, the page that loads come with care tips and directions for germinating the seeds correctly, making sure you have the best chance of ending up with the gorgeous flowers that you want.

Click here to buy seeds from Green Seed Garden.

25. Stokes Seeds

Stokes Seeds website product page for Petunia Seeds

Stokes Seeds doesn't just carry the seeds you want; they carry the pots, soil, and fertilizer you might need for them as well! When it comes to an "all you can need" store, Stokes is a great option. They even have an entire section devoted to "Companion Plants," or plants that will go well with the other foliage you have included in your landscape.

For example, when picking a type of petunia, after you've selected the product you want, you get to decide how many seeds you want in pre-determined increments, making it easy for you to get as much of whatever you want.

Click here to go through their online catalog.

26. neseed

Neseed website product page for Petunia Seeds

Very organized, this website is free of all distractions that might make it hard to find what you want. Each product, if it's out of stock, is marked on the page of search results, so you don't see something you want, get your hopes up, and discover as you're checking out that they no longer have it available.

Award-winning varieties are also clearly marked, just in case you have high standards for the flora that gets included in your landscape design.

Click here to check out their online catalog.

27. AreoGarden

AreoGarden website product page for Petunia Seeds

Not only is AreaGarden is a remarkably user-friendly website, but it's also offering free shipping on all orders! When you open the webpage, one of the first things you may notice is the available discounts. If any store-wide sales are going on, the code to get the discount will be prominently displayed on the top of the page, making it easy for you to save money on your purchase!

One final winning quality about this store? They have a 100% germination guarantee. If they don't grow, you get your order replaced for free.

Click here to view their online catalog.

28. eCrater

eCrater website product page for Petunia Seeds

eCrater is another store modeled after the general idea of eBay, independent people selling products and goods to other people. Unlike eBay, however, eCrater seems to focus more on home and yard centered things, whereas eBay is will have a broader range and variety of products in different categories.

When you click on a product, you're going to be given helpful information like how many items specific to that product are available, what the shipping rate, the different ratings given to the product and the person selling it,

Click here to check out the available stock of petunia seeds.

29. OnlineBuyMore

OnlineBuyMore website product page for Petunia Seeds

When it comes to OnlineBuyMore, you're going to get great deals, with no doubts or questions in your mind when you pay and checkout. With constant discounts and sales live on their website and the offer of free worldwide shipping on all orders over just twenty-nine dollars, how could you say no?

Most online stores have their contact information for support hidden somewhere obscure on their website. However, OnlineBuyMore is so confident in their products, and customer support that they have their support email and phone number posted proudly in the top right corner of their page.

Click here to check out this online catalog!

30. Discount99

Discount99 website product page for Petunia Seeds

Discount99 is a nifty, little known site, taking postings from many different online locations and putting them in one place. You can easily look at your options, select the one you like, and be taken to the website where the product in question is sold.

It makes it easy to look over a wide variety of products while not being limited to the stock available on just one website, making your search more efficient and expanding your available options!

Click here to check out their selection of petunia seeds.

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