Watch How A Broken Pot Became A Stunning Succulent Arrangement

Have you ever thought that a broken pot was useless and just a waste of space? Well, think again!

We stumbled upon a viral TikTok video by @lilyparadiseflowers that showed us how to transform a broken pot into a beautiful succulent arrangement.

Watch the transformation in this clip below:

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This video has gone viral with over 2.8 million views, 163k likes, 9,680 shares, and 544 comments.

We were amazed by the transformation and wanted to share with you the magic of this video that will make you believe in fairy tales.

The Transformation

The video starts with a clay pot being intentionally broken into pieces by a hammer.

At first, you might think it's a waste, but then the magic happens.

The broken pot is filled with succulent potting mix, and the smaller pieces are placed in, creating a small terraces.

Different colorful succulents are planted around each terrace, giving the arrangement a whimsical touch.

To finish off the succulent display, it is topped with a figurine of an arched wooden door with a tiny white mouse knocking.

The final result is a scene straight out of a children's book or a fairy tale.

The comments on this video are overwhelmingly positive, with many viewers expressing their amazement at the transformation.

One user, @nillythebean, commented, "I was so upset you broke a brand new pot until I saw you’re a whole nursery and can’t be selling old nasty pots."

Another user, @1624yo, said, "Wow, that would never have occurred to me, it has been very nice, I will try to do it, thanks for the recommendation."

And @__whizkalifa said, "I just broke a new pot yesterday, thanks for the tip."

Broken Things Can Still Be Beautiful

This is a simple and easy DIY project that anyone can do.

With just a few materials and some creativity, you can create your own unique succulent display.

This viral TikTok video by @lilyparadiseflowers has shown us that even broken things can be beautiful.

It has inspired us to get creative with our DIY projects and to see the potential in the unexpected.

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