Black Petunias (Facts, Care Tips, and Pictures!)

Black Petunias (Facts, Care Tips and Pictures!)Black petunias are more visually appealing than other foliage because of their dramatic color. They are relatively easy to grow, and they last longer than other flowers. Like other petunias, black petunias grow well in most climates including the colder ones. Very few nurseries grow black petunias, and this means that growing them from seed could be your only option. Black petunias grow as perennials in plant hardiness zones 9 through 10.

Black Petunia Facts

If you're curious about black petunias, we found a couple of interesting facts about these pretty flowers.

They Are Carnivorous

Did you know that black petunias trap small insects by using the sticky hairs on their stalks? Once the insect dies and decays, the petunias absorb all the nutrition they can. Other plants that are known to do this include tomato, tobacco, and potatoes.

Why Are Black Petunias in the Shape of a Trumpet?

The trumpet shape is designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds into the garden, especially when the flowers are particularly crowded.

How to Germinate Tiny Black Petunia Seeds?

The thing about black petunia is that, while they’re easy to grow, their seeds are so small they can easily blow off in the wind. Here’s a good way to work around this problem: sprinkle the black petunia seeds on a pot filled with artificial pre-moistened soil, but don’t cover them. Use a small block of wood to ensure they stick to the soil. Follow it up by spraying them with lukewarm water.

Cover the container in a clear plastic bag and place it under a fluorescent lamp for light and warmth. The seeds should sprout up in 6 to 10 days. At this point, it is important to remove the plastic bag to increase the amount of air circulation to the newly grown green plants. Make sure the germination process starts at least six to eight weeks before the average last frost date in your area.

The black petals are tinged with violet hues that shimmer when sunlight is directly shone on them.

When to transplant black petunia seedlings outside?

When the sprouts start to touch, it is time to transplant them outside in individual pots. Use an all-purpose fertilizer to nourish them every two weeks. Touch the soil to see if it is dry. In this case, it is time to water them.

What do Black Petunias Need for Full Bloom?

Black petunias share the same needs as other petunias, namely, full sun, well-drained, and nourished soil. A balanced fertilizer, without excessive amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, or potassium should do just fine.

Protecting Your Petunias Against Frost

Don’t let your black petunias freeze during a frost. Use a layer of mulch on top of the soil to help conserve warmth. Mulch protects the petunia roots from getting too cold in the event of an unexpected frost. A neat trick is to cover the mulch over the crowns where the roots and stems merge. Once frost has passed, remove the mulch from the crowns but leave a thick layer to continue providing insulation to the roots.

Black Petunias Gallery

Finally, if you're looking for black petunias, it's probably because you adore their unique dark look. We thought we'd wrap up this post with a gallery of gorgeous pictures of black petunia flowers.

1. True Black Flowers

Black petunias are among the blackest flowers you will find in nature.

2. Variegated With Other Colors

You will find other hues present even in black petunias such as purple and red, but this only adds to their charm.

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3. Perfect Contrast

Black petunias contrast beautifully with flowers that have brighter colors such as red and pink.

4. High Impact

You could cover your garden with fleets of black petunias all exclusively. They are somewhat of a novelty and will make an impact on guests.

5. Minimalist

Black petunias are perfect for designers who prefer minimalism. They only have to deal with two colors: black and green.

6. Protect from the Elements

You can protect your black petunias against frost by using creative covers such as stakes. It is common for gardeners to drape a plastic sheet over the stakes to keep frost away from the petunias.

7. Attracts Pollinators

The trumpet shape of the petunia is used to attract honeybees. It is both attractive and functional.

8. Purposefully Created

Black petunias did not exist before and only came about as a result of endless experimentation, pollination, and genetic modification.

9. A Novelty Flower

Black flowers will stick out like a sore thumb (in a positive way!) in any garden. They are kind of a novelty.

10. Very Photogenic

Black petunias looking photogenic as rain droplets rest on their petals.

11. Sunny Place Plant

Black petunias need at least 6 hours in the sun every day for best results.

Black Petunia growing in a white planter box

12. Add Interest to Your Decor

Black petunias are a great idea for gothic décor ideas. You could pair them with dark espresso cabinetry for a chic twist on contemporary styles.

Close up photo of a black Petunia with red petunia at the back


13. Protect from the Elements

The sunkissed flowers are at risk of getting overheated due to the trapped moisture. Cover them with a plastic drape until the surrounding air stabilizes.

close up shot of a black Petunia

14. All Elegance

Black petunias are elegance minus all the superficial colors. It’s a great way to enliven your décor.

red petunias and black Petunias at close up shot

15. Ultraviolet

Violet hues with patches of black look inviting in any décor.

violet hue Petunia close up shot

16. A Touch of Mystery

Black petunias have it all: chic mystery, novelty colors, and the ability to stand out from the crowd.

close up shot of a black Petunia

17. Modernly Attractive

The spilling fluffs of petals look attractive enough to attract pollinators and humans alike.

close up shot of two black Petunia

18. Pretty in Black

Bits of moisture highlights the darkness of black petunias.

close up shot of a black Petunia

 19. Make a Statement

Black velvet is the world’s only black petunias and has generated a lot of buzz owing to its unique color.

close up shot of a black velvet Petunia

Where to Buy Black Petunias Online?

Amazon is a great place to start looking for black petunia seeds. We’ve compiled a few products you’ll be interested in.

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200 Pcs Black Velvet Petunia by Growaway

Now you can get 200 seeds of black petunias in one cool looking package. Instructions are provided at the back for reference.

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100 Pcs Petunia Seeds

These 100 seeds for black petunias are ideal for growth both indoors and outdoors.

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