Bizarre Blooms – Are Any Of These In Your Garden?

Are you the type of person who likes to be unique? From your clothing style to your gardening style, no one can claim to be as vibrant as you are.

It goes without saying that flowers in your garden have to have that something extra. A little "je ne sais quoi," you know what I mean? Just like you, the flowers listed here have that something extra and won't disappoint in your garden.

Forever On Your Mind—The Forever Susan

@relaxwithflowers #lilies “Forever Susan” Asiatic lilies Everytime, I just fall in love with it’s deep burgundy, gold and orange color 🤤 this easy to grow flower is the perfect #summertime flower. #gardenfinds #dopamine #likeandfollowformore #beauty #puremichigan #grandrapids #naturephotography #relaxation #natural #NOFILTER 🤯 #love #happy #photography #followformorevideo ♬ Why Are There Boundaries - FKJ

The Forever Susan is a summer-blooming flower that can grow up to three feet tall and two feet wide.

Forever Susan blooms in the garden

In mid-June, you'll see spectacular six-petal flowers. These flowers have a deep burgundy or red center. The outer edges, tips, and center of the flower are all vivid orange.

In addition to their shocking colors, these flowers are large. They can measure as big as four inches.

Check out this video to see how amazing they look!

Earrings For Your Garden—Lady's Eardrops

Blooming Lady's Eardrops

So you like fuchsia? The plant known as Lady's eardrops has you covered. It's a hybrid of Fuchsia magellaniacaF. coccinea, F. fulgens, F. arborescens.

This flower's blooms are drooping and tubular. They can be raceme, solitary, or spiked. They also have between four and five petals.

You can find either singular colors or bicolor. Personally, I think nothing can beat the bicolor flowers. I mean, honestly. Look at the video below and tell me if you can think of a flower with one color that looks better.

@wild_fresh_eats #fuchsiahybrida 🌸 #CA #summer #plants ♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

Blazing a Trail—The Rise of the Flame Lily

Flame Lily in the greenhouse

@vivaifrigomassimo Giglio Rampicante ID🌿📝 #gloriosasuperba #giglio #flowers #naturelover #lily ♬ Rockin - Chris Alan Lee

I think we can agree that fire can change things. The fire nation changed everything when they attacked, and the flame lily will change everything when you plant it in your garden.

This rapid-growing vine plant produces showy red and yellow blooms in the fall and summer. These flowers could be described as cup-shaped. However, that would do them an injustice.

These flowers boast thin, wavy, upward-turning red and gold petals. The filaments extend from the bottom center of the petals, nearly parallel to the ground.

I imagine an old-fashioned candle alight on a minuscule candelabra. You may see the new talking piece for your garden. To each their own.

You do need to be careful of this plant because it is poisonous. Regardless of its danger, this plan is a beauty and should be considered by all gardeners who want to show off their individuality.

Watch a time-lapse of the flame lily to really get to know it.

A Flower With A Bite—The Black Bat Flower

Black bat flower on the garden

@arium_botanicals This Tacca chantrieri bloom has left us speechless! These plants typically bloom from late summer to fall, and we’re happy to have gotten one to bloom for us! The beginning clip is a timelapse that @inanothergreenworld has been working on. She is capturing the bloom from start to finish. #coolplants #taccachantrieri #plantshop #portlandoregon #plantsplantsplants ♬ Spring - Aesthetic Sounds

Have I not been unique enough yet? Do you need more? Well, what about the black bat flower with long, pale whiskers reaching up to 28 inches?

These late-spring bloomers can be burgundy, purple, or white, depending on the variety you have. Despite a beautiful and shocking appearance in the ground, these flowers are not good choices for flower arrangements. 

Now that's quite the plant. Check out the black bat plant below!

A Bloom With A Pungent Streak— The Corpse Flower

You need something even more unique, then? Well, if I can't change your mind, then may I recommend the corpse flower?

Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) has a massive, disgusting flower. It can take anywhere from four to ten years between flowering. That's how big it is. Also, it smells like rotting flesh.

Rare Amorphophallus titanum blooming in greenhouse

Gross, right? Listen, we've got an article about it here "The Stench of Beauty: Inside The World's Stinkiest Flower." Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about how quickly you clicked the link.

Check it out. You know you want to.

@kburn555 It finally opened!! #corpseflower #smelly #plants #botony #wow ♬ Time (Instrumental) - MKJ

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