14 Best Fertilizers For Snake Plants

When looking for ways to maintain and care for your snake plant, you may not read a lot about fertilizers. While snake plants don't require fertilization to the extent that other indoor plants may, they still benefit from it when they need to be replenished with nutrients. But which fertilizers are the best for snake plants? We've looked into this, and in this post, we will share the answer with you.

Here are 14 quality fertilizers that you can use for your snake plant:

  • Perfect Plants Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer
  • Indoor Plant Food Slow-Release Pellets by Aquatic Arts
  • Lilly Miller 10-10-10 Plant Food
  • The Andersons PGF Fertilizer 
  • Lebanon Seaboard Fertilizer
  • Jobe's Houseplant Food Spikes  
  • Southern Ag Fertilizer 
  • Botanicare Fertilizer Pure Blend  
  • Joyful Dirt Plant Food  
  • Bonide Plant Food
  • Kindred Plant Food  
  • Aquatic Arts All-Purpose Plant Food
  • Espoma Organic-Indoor  
  • Botanicare CNS17

So, now that you know the choices, let's discuss how and when to fertilize your snake plant. Continue reading to discover why these are the best snake plant fertilizers to revive plants. We'll provide a detailed description of each and answer some of your other questions about snake plant care.

Sansevieria trifasciata or snake plant in pot on old wood home and garden, 14 Best Fertilizers For Snake Plants

14 Best Snake Plant Fertilizers

Photo of a snake plant in the corner of a living room

While snake plants may not require fertilizer regularly, they can be especially helpful and even necessary if your snake plant needs a bit of a boost from a period of high stress. The best fertilizer to use on your snake plant is one that has an NPK ratio of 10-10-10, though other ratios can be beneficial as well. NPK stands for the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium ratios within the fertilizer.

Bad environmental conditions can cause a snake plant to fall into a state of bad health, requiring fertilizer to supply it with the nutrients it needs to survive. If you notice that your snake plant shows signs of damage like curling leaves or random spotting, it may be time to investigate further.

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Perfect Plants Liquid Snake Plant Fertilizer

This liquid snake plant fertilizer can give your snake plant essential nutrients that it needs to nurse itself back to health. It comes in a refillable bottle and will remain effective in the plants for months after its initial application.

You only need to apply a small amount of the solution to the water to give your plant the nutrients that it needs for the week. A simple teaspoon per gallon of water is more than enough to revitalize your sick snake plant. You can also use this fertilizer for other indoor succulents that you have in your home.

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Indoor Plant Food Slow-Release Pelletsby Aquatic Arts 

This slow-release plant food by Aquatic Arts works quicker than most fertilizers available on the market. Though it has a 16-5-11 NPK ratio, it is more than capable of bringing your snake plant back to life. 

For adult snake plants, you'll simply need to add 1/2 teaspoon of this formula to the soil during watering. Be sure to evenly distribute the pellets along the top section of your soil for the best effect. The nitrogen content in the fertilizer will help restore the color of the leaves and strengthen them to stand upright again if droopy.

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Lilly Miller 10-10-10 Plant Food

This fertilizer has an NPK of 10-10-10 and can be used on your snake plant in addition to other succulents that you may have in your home. It works well for snake plants in all stages and contains vital amino acids to revitalize your plant and nurse it back to health.

If you are looking for fertilizer to restore your foliage or repair damaged roots, this is it. To apply this fertilizer to your plant, you will need to add one or two ounces to a gallon of fresh water and mix it in your plant's soil every two to three weeks.

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The Andersons PGF Fertilizer 

This professional-grade fertilizer offers a balanced NPK of 10-10-10 and can be used on your snake plant as well as other succulents that you may have. It contains a ton of must-needed nutrients and micronutrients to give your snake plant a boost.

Not only does it help to increase metabolic activity within your plant, but it can help to restore its balance and revive damaged roots. To apply, you only need to add it to your soil about every two to three weeks.

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Lebanon Seaboard Fertilizer 

LSC's No. 40 fertilizer is another great 10-10-10 formula that you can apply to your ailing snake plant. The great thing about this formula is that it is gentle enough for baby plants and has an even nutrient distribution for plants in various stages.

By mixing 1/4 cup of this fertilizer with your snake plant's soil, you can quickly supply your snake plant with phytonutrients, enzymes, and amino acids that are needed for daily metabolic activities. You can also use it on any outside trees, shrubs, or flowers that you have as well.

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Jobe's Houseplant Food Spikes  

Jobe's small food spikes are one of the best fertilizers you can buy for your snake plant. You only need to add one or two spikes to your soil every couple of weeks to help bring your snake plant back to life. Not only do these spikes provide your plants with the vitamins, trace minerals, and enzymes that it needs to promote vitality, but they also help damaged roots recover quickly from stress.

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Southern Ag Fertilizer 

An all-purpose fertilizer, this 10-10-10 formula by Southern Ag can help your snake plant to survive from over-watering or root rot. This is a granular fertilizer that can give your snake plant a healthy dose of phytonutrients and enzymes, which may be needed if your plant suffers from light issues or fungal infections. Apply 1/2 cup of the formula to your plant's soil every couple of weeks or so to see fast results.

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Botanicare Fertilizer Pure Blend  

Botanicare is one of the most popular brands in the horticulture marketplace. This pure blend fertilizer is completely organic and contains a ton of enzymes and trace meeting rules to speed up the recovery of your sick snake plant.

It also helps to promote great nutrition overall and provides the perfect conditions for healthy plant roots. This super-concentrated formula only requires a bi-weekly application and a small amount of 1/8 tablespoon for effectiveness.

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Joyful Dirt Plant Food  

This fertilizer by Joyful there is another great all-purpose fertilizer that you can add to your snake plant. It is a high-quality option that can help to restore your snake plant to health in a matter of weeks.

Apply this fertilizer and 1/8 teaspoon to the soil of your snake plant for maximum restoration. This fertilizer has a ton of mycorrhizae nutrients that are vital to speeding up your sick snake plant's health. You can add the formula weekly or bi-weekly, as it is fairly gentle and won't cause a chemical burn if used in small amounts.

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Bonide Plant Food

Bonide Liquid Plant Food is a liquid fertilizer that works great to promote steady growth in your snake plant. If you have issues with yellowing or browning foliage, root rot, are bacterial infections, this fertilizer can help.

It has a 10-10-10 NPK formula, and you'll only need to add 1/8 of a teaspoon to a quart of water and pour it into the plant's soil for maximum effect. This plant fertilizer is fairly light and can be used either weekly or bi-weekly without damaging your snake plant.

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Kindred Plant Food  

Kindred's fertilizer is one of the most popular fertilizers use for snake plants and other succulents. Not only does it contain vital micronutrients, but it also has a good amount of essential oils that can provide general nutrients to your snake plant regularly. It has a 3-1-2 NPK ratio, so you don't have to worry about it overburdening your sick plant.

It's also good for plants that may be older and in need of a little nutrient pick-up. A tablespoon of this formula mixed with a quart of water can be used to restore the health of your snake plant. Add it to your soil every couple of weeks for the best results.

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Aquatic Arts All-Purpose  Plant Food

Aquatic Arts is one of the most popular fertilizer brands in the horticulture world. If you are looking for a fertilizer that can quickly restore your snake plant health, this is it.

This formula is one of the best fertilizers available to stop wilting, browning, and the yellowing of leaves quickly by supplying snake plants with the perfect number of micronutrients. It is a granular fertilizer and can be added every two to three weeks by combining it with the plant's soil or diluting it with a quart of water.

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Espoma Organic-Indoor  

If you are looking for a quality organic option for your snake plant, look no further. This liquid fertilizer offers important proteins and a ton of beneficial microbes that can help your snake plant find its way back to optimal health. It's a liquid fertilizer, and only 1/4 of a tablespoon is needed on a biweekly basis to give your snake plant the nutrients that it needs to restore itself.

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Botanicare CNS17

This industrial-grade fertilizer is best used for snake plants that are on the verge of dying. If you have a snake plant that has been overwatered or suffering from fungal issues, this solution may be what you need to keep your plant alive.

It delivers essential nutrients to the foliage and roots of the plant to help it recover from illness. It's a fairly strong formula, so only a small amount is needed-- the amount will depend on the size of your plant.

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How Often Should You Fertilize A Snake Plant?

Around two to three times a month, fertilize your snake plant. Generally, snake plants don't require fertilizers to grow or thrive. However, if a snake plant becomes sick due to overwatering, a lack of sunlight, or fungal infection, fertilizer can restore it to health. When using fertilizer on a snake plant, it's best to apply it sparingly.

How Do You Revive A Dying Snake Plant?

Before you can revive your dying snake plant, you'll need to determine the reason for its ailing health. Has it been overwatered? Is it receiving too little sunlight? Does it have root rot? The symptoms of the plant are the best ways to determine the cause of the health issues.

For example, leaves that are drooping are turning yellow are typically a sign of over-watering. The best way to combat this and restore the plant to health is to stop watering the plant as often. If the plant is suffering from a fungal infection, a fertilizer is generally needed to give the plant the nutrients it needs to combat it.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Snake Plants?

Yes, many snake plant cultivars use coffee grounds, and sometimes in combination with eggshells, as mulch or fertilizer for snake plants. You can combine the coffee grounds with your fertilizer or add them to your watering sessions by pouring a cup or two into your watering container. Coffee grounds contain microorganisms and nutrients that work similar to fertilizer and help give your snake plant many vitamins and amino acids.

Does A Snake Plant Grow New Leaves?

Yes, if you cut a snake plant, it will grow new leaves over a period of several weeks. You can also cut snake plant leaves off to create an entirely new plant, which is also known as propagation.

Wrapping Things Up

Snake plants are very easy to care for, but a good fertilizer goes a long way. Fertilize your snake plant for the best results. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other posts:

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