7 Of The Best Fertilizers For Holly Bushes [And How To Use It]

If you're experiencing nutrient issues with your holly bushes, a quality fertilizer is your best bet to getting them back on track. However, with the number of different fertilizers on the market today, it can be tiring to find the best one for your plants. This is why we've researched for you. In this post, we'll cover the best fertilizer to use on your holly bushes and how to apply them for great results.

Here are seven of the best fertilizers for holly bushes:

  1. Safer Brand 94AH Azalea & Holly Restore Fertilizer
  2. Espoma HT36 Holly-Tone Plant Food
  3. Jobe's Organics Holly, Azalea & Rhododendron Fertilizer
  4. Scotts Evergreen Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food
  5. Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Continuous Release Plant Food
  6. Triple 10 All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer
  7. Lilly Miller All Purpose Planting Food

For the most part, holly bushes are pretty easy to care for and maintain. They can, however, run into health issues similar to any other plants. Continue reading to learn more about how fertilizers can help your bushes stay healthy and vibrant.

Close up shot of a prickly holly green plant with red berries. 7 Of The Best Fertilizers For Holly Bushes [And How To Use It]

7 Best Fertilizers For Holly Bushes

There are quite a few fertilizers that work well on holly bushes. It's best to choose a fertilizer made specifically for holly bushes or designed for trees and shrubs. Below you'll find some of the best fertilizer options for these bushes.

7 Of The Best Fertilizers For Holly Bushes [And How To Use It]

Safer Brand 94AH Azalea & Holly Restore Fertilizer 

This fertilizer by Safer Brand delivers a steady and slow release of valuable nutrients to your holly bushes. Holly bushes are acid-loving plants, and this fertilizer can provide them with essential minerals to help keep their soil ph-balanced and healthy. You'll be happy to know that the fertilizer is all so kid and pet-friendly, and it can be applied anytime during the bushes growing season.

It's best to apply the fertilizer every six weeks for maintenance and more frequently for nutrient issues. The granules in the solution are packed with microbes to help create a balanced proportion of nutrients and a uniform feeding system for your bushes.

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Espoma HT36 Holly-Tone Plant Food 

This nutrient-dense fertilizer is perfect for both young and mature holly bushes. The Espoma brand is one of the most reliable ones in the home and gardening industry. It's specifically formulated for holly bushes and contains biozome microbes that can easily penetrate the soil to deliver minerals and nutrients.

If you prefer an organic fertilizer that is easy to use, here is one to consider. This fertilizer can be spread around the tree at one cup per foot. It can also be re-applied every 6 to 8 weeks during the spring and summer months.

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Jobe's Organics Holly, Azalea & Rhododendron Fertilizer 

Here is another organic fertilizer that will work well for your holly bushes. It's specifically formulated for these bushes and can help to almost immediately improve the health of the soil around the bushes by providing them with valuable nutrients. So if your bushes suffer from nutrient depletion or have encountered disease or pest issues, here's a solution to help get them back on track in no time.

This organic plant food is water-soluble and can be used every 2 to 4 weeks as needed. If your holly bushes are on the larger side, it's best to use a gallon of fertilizer per bush. You can easily apply this biozome-rich fertilizer using a garden sprayer--and all without harming the environment with synthetic chemicals. You'll be happy to know that this solution is both kid and pet-friendly.

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Scotts Evergreen Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food 

Scott's Evergreen solution for trees and shrubs is an excellent fertilizer to use for your holly bushes. With this formula, your holly bush can get all of the nutrients and nitrogen that it needs to stay thriving, even during its dormant growing seasons. This fertilizer is safe and won't burn your bushes when used as directed.

It can be applied directly from the bag, and you only need one cup of fertilizer for every 35 square feet of bush. The fertilizer can be applied every couple of months during the spring and summer seasons for optimal growth. You'll also want to make sure that you water the soil after applying the fertilizer.

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Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Continuous Release Plant Food 

An all-natural shrub fertilizer can be used on various plants; this solution is a one-stop-shop for growers looking for a reliable organic fertilizer. Not only will it help your bushes maintain lush and green foliage, but it will help them recover from issues related to pests, drought, fungal diseases, and nutrient depletion. In addition, it contains several different vital micronutrients and minerals to help nourish your holly bushes all year round.

This formula is packed with kelp, earthworm castings, bone meal, and feather meal to provide the soil around your bushes with much-needed microbes. It can be used for up to three months and easily applied directly from the bag or mixed with water.

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Triple 10 All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer 

Here is an all-purpose fertilizer to use if your holly bushes are struggling with nutrient issues. It's an all-purpose liquid fertilizer that can help to restore sick holly bushes to better health. This fertilizer contains several amino acids and seaweed extract to help promote healthy soil and vibrant foliage.

It's best to follow the recommendations when applying this fertilizer to prevent your bushes from getting a chemical burn.

You can use this fertilizer every one to two weeks, depending on the current state of your bushes, and it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions when doing so--especially when it comes to diluting the fertilizer.

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Lilly Miller All Purpose Planting Food 

Here is another all-purpose fertilizer that you can use who your holly bushes. Whether your holly bushes need simple nutrient maintenance or are recovering from pest or fungal issues, this solution can help. This fertilizer is designed with a slow-release formula to help give your holly bushes a steady and sustainable flow of nutrients and minerals.

It's best to apply the solution every 6 weeks if your bushes recover from damage, though it can be used throughout the growing season. This formula is a non-mix solution, and it can be added directly to the soil--though you'll want to make sure to water the soil afterward.

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When Should You Fertilize A Holly Bush?

Ilex aquifolium or Christmas holly. Holly green foliage with matures red berries. Green leaves and red berry Christmas holly, close up

It's best to fertilize holly bushes in the spring or the fall, right before the shrub begins to grow. If your tree is suffering from nutrient issues, you may need to fertilize them more often. However, it's best to follow the recommendations of the fertilizer manufacture before increasing its usage.

How Do You Encourage A Holly to Grow?

Holly Bush Tree

The best way to encourage a holly to grow is to keep it pruned and healthy. It's all a good idea to add fertilizer to the bush's soil every growing season and test it for potential nutrient depletion. Lastly, it helps ensure that the soil stays moist and well-draining--testing it at least every three months is best.

How Do You Rejuvenate Holly Bushes?

Pruning holly with a secateurs. Bergen, The Netherlands

The easiest way to rejuvenate holly bushes is to prune all of the branches and remove any ones that are dead or contain dead leaves. It's best to groom the branches all at once by removing about a third of them each year. Be sure not to remove over a third, or you'll risk placing the plant in a state of stress as it recovers from the pruning session.

You also want to ensure that the plant's soil is nutrient-dense and moist after the pruning to ensure that it has everything it needs to rebuild itself in its weakened state.

For How Long Do Holy Bushes Live?

Holly Bush Tree, 7 Of The Best Fertilizers For Holly Bushes [And How To Use It]

Holly bushes are known to be fairly slow growers, and they'll typically live anywhere from fifty to a hundred years if well-maintained.

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Holly Bushes?

Absolutely. Coffee grounds or super acidic and holly bushes are acid-loving plants. So if you're looking to increase the acidity in your soil, you can sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of your bushes. This will also help increase the density of the foliage and improve fruit production during the blooming season.

Wrapping Things Up

Christmas Holly red berries and green leaves. Ilex aquifolium or Christmas holly. Green leaves and red berry Christmas holly, closeup

Holly bushes don't require a lot of attention to maintain. However, it's always a good idea to monitor the soil level to ensure that they receive all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. We hope this post has helped provide you with several fertilizer options to consider for your holly bushes.

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