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Do Garden Fountains Attract Mosquitoes?

Greek style garden fountain, Do Garden Fountains Attract Mosquitoes?

Fountains are a lovely, eye-catching element to add to any garden or yard, but you worry that the standing water in them could attract mosquitoes. We asked experts this question, and they provided leak-proof answers. No, garden fountains don’t attract…

What Is The Best Herbicide For Wild Violets?

Sweet Violet (Viola odorata) blossom closeup. Wood violet flowering plant in bloom. What Is The Best Herbicide For Wild Violets

Wild violets are perennial flowers that bloom in the spring and spread into non-infested areas via underground stems. However, curbing their growth is a must, and the question is, which herbicide to use? We’ve done the work to bring you…

15 Gorgeous Wooded Backyard Ideas

Real photo of an armchair, pouf as a table and wicker couch on a terrace - 15 Gorgeous Wooded Backyard Ideas

Art and landscaping can help you to recapture scenes from your favorite movies with all modern amenities. The usual plain backyards or properties bordering wooded areas can benefit from good landscaping. However, wooded backyards can be intimidating. Whether you want…