Shane Desuasido

Shane Desuasido is a content and copywriter with over 10 years of experience in writing about various topics, including her specialization in technical writing for the gardening industry. Her background in e-commerce and social media management complements her expertise in crafting engaging and informative content. Shane is also a passionate advocate for animal welfare and environmental sustainability, and she brings this advocacy to her writing by promoting eco-friendly and sustainable gardening practices.

Year-Round Gardening Tips for Zone 6

Raised garden beds with vegetable plants

If you’re living in Zone 6, you’re lucky to have a fairly moderate climate, which means there are year-round gardening opportunities for you to explore. From winter preparation to summer planting, there are always tasks and projects to keep you…

How to Greenhouse Garden in Zone 6

Greenhouse in back garden with open door

Greenhouse gardening is an excellent way to extend your growing season and enjoy fresh produce all year long, especially in Zone 6. By creating the right environment, you can easily grow plants that thrive in this temperate zone and even…

Cold Frame Gardening in USDA Zone 2

White Wooden Cold Frame Protecting Tender Young Plants From Frost

Cold frame gardening is an excellent way to extend your growing season, especially in challenging climates like USDA Zone 2. This method allows you to protect your plants and grow cool-season crops earlier and later than usual in your garden.…

When Are Cucumbers In Season?

Farmer harvesting cucumbers in their garden plantation, When Are Cucumbers In Season?

Knowing when cucumbers are in season is important for gardeners and consumers alike, as it ensures optimal taste, freshness, and nutritional value. In general, cucumber season typically runs from May to August in most states, although it varies depending on…

Do Tulip Trees Bloom Every Year?

Flowering tulip tree (liriodendron tulipifera), Do Tulip Trees Bloom Every Year?

Tulip trees, known for their stunning blooms and impressive height, can leave you wondering whether they will grace your garden with flowers every year. In general, tulip trees that are a few decades old will usually flower reliably every year…