Rachel Self

Rachel is a gardening enthusiast and avid plant lover with a passion for bringing the beauty of nature indoors through houseplants. She enjoys spending her free time tending to her greenery and finding creative ways to incorporate plants into her home decor. When she's not busy caring for her plants, you can usually find Rachel curled up with a good book or exploring the great outdoors with her two German Shepherds.

30+ Stunning Tulip Planting Ideas

Looking to add tulips to your garden and wondering how to arrange them to get the best color show? We’ve gathered over 30 gorgeous tulip planting ideas and are here to share the pictures and tips with you! With so…

20 Best Perennials For Zone 6 Gardens

20 Best Perennials for Zone 6 Gardens

Zone 6 is characterized by a mild climate and is where the average lowest winter temperature is between -10 and 0 degrees Fahrenheit. With climates like this, you can grow a wide variety of plants. We’ve done the research for…

Geranium Endressii [Care Tips & Pictures]

Geranium Endressii [Care Tips & Pictures]

Introducing the remarkable Geranium Endressii! Among the most diverse plant families in the world, geraniums truly stand out. And within this family, the Geranium Endressii variety takes the spotlight. This hardy geranium boasts a low-growing, sprawling habit. Its dark green…