Jhan Hyacinth Tan

Jhan Hyacinth Tan

Why Is My Coleus Losing Color?

Close-up a type of miana or coleus flower species with yellow and purple patterns, Why Is My Coleus Losing Color

Coleus flowers are known for their bright and vibrant foliage, regardless of the variety. However, there are cases where they start losing these colors. If this is what your plant is experiencing, you may be confused about why it is…

Why Is My Columbine Not Blooming?

Colorado columbine wildflowers on a sunny day, Why Is My Columbine Not Blooming?

Columbines bring vibrant colors to your garden. They can pretty much grow by themselves and do not demand a lot of attention to maintain. But what makes them suddenly stop blooming? We have researched this question and found the answer…