Does An Areca Palm Purify Air?

If you want to adorn your home with an areca palm, you might be wondering if this plant purifies the air. We've researched this topic thoroughly and have some important information about the abilities and benefits of the areca palm for you. 

Areca palm does have the ability to purify the air. Areca palm does two main things in order to purify the air, and these things are:

  • Removing pollutants from the atmosphere 
  • Adding moisture to the air

Though you now know that the areca palm purifies the air, there is still a lot to learn about the plant. For example, what type of pollutants does it filter from the air? Why is it good that it adds moisture to the air? What other benefits does it offer? Keep reading to learn more about areca palm's abilities and benefits and to see if it's a good addition to your home!

An up close photo of an Areca inside living room, Does An Areca Palm Purify Air?

Is An Areca Palm Good for the Air?

In short, yes, the areca palm is very good for the air. What makes this plant so beneficial for the air? Well, as mentioned before, areca palm purifies the air by filtering pollutants from the atmosphere. In addition, the plant purifies the air by adding moisture to it. 

Removing pollutants from the atmosphere

Two primary pollutants that areca palm removes from the atmosphere are xylene and toluene. Xylene and toluene naturally occur in products that people interact with daily. For example, xylene naturally occurs in petroleum and gasoline. Toluene occurs in nail polish, paint thinners, glue, and stain removers. Therefore, because xylene and toluene exist in common products, many people are frequently exposed to them.

Being exposed to these pollutants can result in detrimental health effects. Some of the negative effects that xylene causes include skin, eye, nose, and throat irritation. Xylene also causes dizziness, headaches, and loss of muscle coordination. The hazardous effects of toluene include tiredness, hand and feet numbness, and pregnancy loss. If you ingest toluene, it can even damage your kidneys and liver. 

Because xylene and toluene deal so much damage to human health, it is great that areca palm removes them from the air! Adding an areca palm to your home would allow the plant to remove xylene and toluene from the air. This would improve the quality of air in your home. 

Gorgeous properly trimmed Areca palm trees inside a living room

Adding Moisture to the Air 

Almost all plants add moisture to the air through evapotranspiration, which is a process that involves water from the roots being released through pores in the leaves. However, areca palm releases a larger amount of water vapor into the air than many other plants do. In fact, the areca palm releases about one liter of water daily. This is a fairly large amount of water!

During times when the air is especially dry, the moisture that the areca palm adds to the air is particularly helpful. In the winter, the air feels drier due to less water vapor. Adding an areca to your home during the winter can make the air in your house less dry and easier to breathe. 

What are the Benefits of An Areca Palm? 

Areca Palm, Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, in a wicker basket, isolated in front of a white wall on a wooden floor

The areca palm's ability to remove pollutants from the air is a major benefit, and many other advantages stem from this aspect of the plant. These advantages include healthier lungs, a stronger central nervous system, and healthy fetal and child development. 

The areca palm's ability to add moisture to the air is also a benefit. Some advantages that stem from this added moisture include the prevention of sore throats and sinus infections. 

Can An Areca Palm Be Kept In A Bedroom? 

If you want to keep a plant in your bedroom, the areca palm is at your service! The areca palm is a useful plant to keep in your bedroom because of its air purification abilities. It removes hazardous pollutants from the air and naturally humidifies it. This means that keeping an areca palm in your bedroom will allow you to breathe cleaner air while you sleep! 

Also, if you're looking to add a tropical vibe to your room, the areca palm would be a perfect fit! These plants are reminiscent of palm trees that you would see at the beach; the only difference is that they're smaller, growing to six to seven feet tall indoors.  

If you want to keep an areca palm in your bedroom, you must know how to properly care for it. Because areca palms reach six to seven feet when inside, you should have enough space in your bedroom for the plant to grow. It is best if place the areca palm in bright, indirect sunlight, as it thrives in this type of light. When watering the plant in the spring and summer, be sure to water it frequently to keep the soil moist. In the fall and winter, let the soil dry a bit between the times that you water it. 

The type of soil that helps the areca palm grow the best is nutrient-rich and acidic. A peat-based soil is a good option. 

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Does An Areca Palm Give Oxygen at Night?

A small Areca Palm tree planted on a vase inside a living room

On top of all of its other abilities and benefits, the areca palm also gives oxygen at night! During the day, all plants use photosynthesis to release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. During the night, many plants reverse this process, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. However, the areca palm is a plant that doesn't reverse the process. 

At night, the areca palm continues to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide by using crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM). CAM is a form of photosynthesis that is an adaptation for plants in dry conditions. 

So, if you're looking for a plant that gives oxygen during the day and night, as well as one that purifies the air, there are few plants that are better than the areca palm. 

Is An Areca Palm Good for The Home? 

The areca palm's purifying abilities make it a very good plant for the home. In fact, areca palms are commonly grown as house plants. The plant's purifying abilities can improve your health by removing harmful toxins in your home and making the air less dry. In addition, the areca palm continues to release oxygen at night, so the health benefits that it provides are not limited to the day!

In Closing

An up close photo of an Areca inside living room, Does An Areca Palm Purify Air?

The areca palm is a beautiful plant that gives you a little taste of tropical paradise. To complement its beauty, the areca palm also purifies the air. Its ability to remove pollutants and add moisture to the air, even during the night, makes it one of the best houseplants to have. So, if you're looking for a new houseplant, consider planting an areca palm. 

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