68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

Landscaping with cactus and succulents evokes a unique style. There are so many different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes in the cactus and succulent world. Use this to your advantage in designing your landscape. Full sun and good drainage are necessary for this landscape.

68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

Place rocks of different sizes in your landscape to create the perfect environment for these plants. Companion plants will bring out the natural beauty of your cacti and succulents. It's not necessary to plant your cactus or succulent a certain width apart; it's up to you to create the look you want.

Check out the photos below to gather some cactus and succulent landscaping ideas!

1. High Volume and Size

Amazing desert cactus garden with multiple types of cactus

Big and bold is quite the look. If you have the space in your plantable area, try using high volume plants to fill in space and create a show of color and texture. It certainly demands the attention of the eye.

2. Tropical Succulents

Wild cactus aloe plants bush

Succulents and tropical plants are a beautiful way to liven up a space. Planting multiples of each variety helps fill in the space and make it look more dramatic.

3. Intrigue with Cactus Shape

View of different types of cacti on the coast

Since cactus come in so many shapes, it's easy to use their unique attributes to bring character to any region. This cactus resembles a candelabra, adding even more intrigue to the area in which it was planted.

4. Succulents in a Moss Garden

Vertical garden of succulents and moss

Planting succulents into a bed of moss softens their features and illuminates their vibrant colors. The moss also helps to keep the succulents watered due to their ability to retain a lot of water. The succulents get enough water and won't rot.

5. Diversity in Succulent Planters

Variation of flower pots with succulents in garden

With how much diversity that succulents offer, it's a fun addition to plant them into a variety of different planters to bring forth even more variety. If you have a short wall along your house or garden, try adding some potted succulents to the top of it.

6. Mini Cacti

Type of cactus plants

If you have a small area where you can plant, place a handful of mini cacti in the area. Small but mighty.

7. Deep Texture and Color with the Bunny Ear

Tropical plants

The Bunny Ear cactus has beautiful, deep green hues that are speckled by small, white spines. This cactus is sure to enhance any landscape.

8. Size and Number

Tropical garden with cactus and tree

If you have large trees or plants, feature a cluster of large cactus next to it.

9. Succulent and Cactus Combination

Tropical cactus garden

These two hardy plants will play off each other's colors and textures for a stunning display.

10. Pops of Color

Top view of many mini colorful cactus

The Ruby Ball cactus adds a stunning pop of color that will have you in disbelief. It's amazing that colors like this express themselves in nature. They only require deep watering every once in a while then become very drought tolerant.

11. Barrel Cactus in a Bed of Succulents

Succulents outdoor garden

Succulent plants fill in the space nicely in between your landscape features.

12. Seashell Planters


Succulents look incredible and are showcased very well in planters. Seashell planters such as this one give the plants a coastal vibe.

13. Overflowing Succulent Planters

Succulent plant various types beautiful growing in the garden

Giant succulents look amazing and serve as an excellent centerpiece. Plant smaller succulents around it and other spilling plants to create beautiful texture.

14. Desert Landscape

Succulent plants and cacti

Bring in some large boulders to help produce the natural topography of these plants.

15. Base of a Windmill

Succulent plant and a windmill

The barrel cactus is an excellent addition to any region.

16. Cactus Garden

Succulent plant and a tall cactus

The short height of the Agave (looks like an artichoke) and the Barrel Cactus are a great complement to the tall Saguaro cactus.

17. Color Variety

Succulent garden in bloom

You won't have a shortage of color in your desert landscape with your use of succulents. Red lava rock helps pull out these natural colors, too.

18. Luscious Greens

Succulent garden

The shades of green of your different plants pack a punch.

19. Garden Accents

Succulent and flower garden with turtle rock

A great way to supplement the beauty of your garden plants is by adding garden features, such as colorful planters and garden animal statues. Placing items such as those in your garden helps tell a story.

20. Lush Succulents for Erosion Control

Succulent and flower garden

Planting beautiful, luscious succulents such as these will enhance your landscape while also helping to prevent erosion. Because of their drought tolerance, succulents are perfect for low maintenance and low water regions.

21. Saguaro Cactus and its Complements

Staging of cactus in rock garden on blue sky background

Talk about designing a striking desert landscape! Incorporate lots of colors, textures, and sizes to produce a truly eye-catching landscape.

22. Spacious Desert Scape

Spectacular water conservation gardening with cactus and succulents

Evenly spacing out your plants provides symmetry in the landscape.

23. Planter Succulents

Small alpine plants growing in gravel

Build a mini landscape by planting succulents in a large pot.

24. Lined Walkway or Driveway

Paved alley lined up with cacti and palm trees

If you have a wide path or driveway, use the space to your advantage. Lining areas such as these has been a classic look for a long time.

25. Cactus Forest

Mexican cactus landscape

The height of this group of cacti gives them an appearance like a forest, stretching toward the sky.

26. Base of Mountain Display

Large front yard for water conservation

If you don't want to fully landscape an entire area, consider using a combination of crushed gravel, river rocks (to be used as a wash in the rainy season), and grass for a section of your yard. This design is low maintenance, but beautiful.

27. Saguaro Region

Landscaping with desert plants

The Saguaro cactus is a loved cactus, so let it be the center of attention in your landscape. Its shape is one of the most recognizable, so use complementary plants to surround it and help make it the focal point.

28. Patterned Landscape

Landscaped succulents

Combining many different plants and elements is dazzling. Designs like this one utilize all sorts of plants: shrubs, florals, grass, succulents, and cacti. This space is zen-inspired because of its consistent pattern.

29. Rock Garden Features

Landscape design with palm trees and flowers

Create garden beds with varying heights. Add different colors of crushed gravel to each one. Then position plants of various types into each space. Pay careful attention to produce harmony with all the colors that you choose.

30. Greenhouse Thrivers

In house cactus garden

If you have a greenhouse, why not place your succulent plants inside it? This setup definitely has a unique aesthetic.

31. Rock Garden and Pathways

Haifa gardens

It's amazing how plants and natural elements can form intricate and intriguing patterns. You'll have a jaw-dropping effect when you design your space like this one. Clean lines and defined spaces.

Here's a post on the types of edging for gardens. 

32. Cactus Diversity

Greenhouse with cacti

There are countless varieties of cactus available for purchase. Choose from a profuse selection in order to create a stunning landscape.

33. Rock Garden

Green agave cactus plant on rock ground in garden for home decoration

The white gravel rocks create a stark contrast the the vibrant green hues of these succulents and cacti.

34. Desert Mountain Landscape

Exotic garden in a village

Use the topography to your advantage whenever you design your landscape. Take advantage of the natural slopes and rocks of your area. With space like this, you can enjoy it from all different angles.

35. Coastal Beauties

Exotic cactus garden in a village

What better way to complement your coastal view than by a garden full of cacti and succulents? Stunning view after stunning view!

36. Abundance of Barrel Cacti

Echinocactus grusonii cacti

Interestingly, the barrel cactus grows leaning toward the southwest. This striking cactus adds a bunch of rich texture to your landscape.

37. A Perfect Desert Home Landscape

Dreamy beautiful style desert landscaped

The perfect way to complement your southwest-inspired home is through its landscape elements. Using cacti and other drought tolerant trees, shrubs, and plants is the best option for these regions. The long, slender Ocotillo is intriguing with its collecting of spiny stems - use this as a featured element in your landscape.

38. Small but Mighty Succulents

Different type of cactus plants

Much like camels, succulents store water within themselves, making them very water efficient. This feature also attributes to giving them their dense, robust appearance.

39. Drought Tolerant Plants

Desert garden

Drought tolerance is key in your cactus and succulent landscape. Strategically place drought tolerant plants in areas that don't have efficient irrigation. Use the varying sizes to your design advantage.

40. Complementary Hues

Desert botanical gardens

Making use of complementary hues brings out the full texture and look of your plants.

41. Beauties for Side Gardens

County courthouse desert cactus landscaping

Giant Saguaro cacti and Prickly Pears add depth and character to surrounding buildings.

42. Vibrant Succulents and Blooms

Colorful succulents and zinnia flowers

Check out the gorgeous array of multi-colored blooms and succulent foliage. Incorporate different types of plants for a powerful display.

43. Interesting Shapes and Colors

Colorful succulents

Succulents of the Chick and Hen variety easily reproduce, so you can quickly fill your landscape with their variety.

44. All Different Sizes

Colorful cactuses and succulents

The hues and patterns of these succulents almost look fake because of their crisp beauty. A few plants like these will be a great addition to any garden.

45. A Succulent to Fit your Vision

Colorful cactuses

Enjoy long-lasting color and texture when you choose to landscape with succulents. The succulent family is full of color and diversity!

46. Low Maintenance Plants

Cacuts garden

In a desert landscape, you can plant a plethora of different plants to create an interesting display. All types of colors and textures are breathtaking.

47. Line your Walkway

Cactus walkpath to a home

Help maintain a well-manicured landscape by placing a walkway through it.

48. Mixed Elements

Cactus plants in a pot

Viewers won't get bored whenever you plant a wide variety of cacti and succulents along with small garden decorations.

49. Xeriscaping

Cactus plant in front of the house

Xeriscaping is a landscape design that requires little to no irrigation and is very easy to maintain. Take advantage of your native, drought-resistant plants.

50. Dynamic Desert Designs

Cactus plant

Use the natural movements of your planted cactus to your advantage. The way that they naturally warp will look like a piece of art.

51. Spreading Cactus

Cactus in the garden park

The spreading capability of this cactus allows it to take up more space in our landscape.

52. Desert Pathway

Cactus garden walkway

If you create a path wide enough, you can enjoy viewing your cactus landscape via bike ride. Giving the path flowing movement will encourage spectators to continue down it.

53. Desert Beds

Cactus garden in an open field

A display such as this one will require minimal maintenance and watering. It will  supplement the surrounding region.

54. Desert Landscaping Ideas

Cactuses in botanical garden

Plant shorter and taller varieties next to each other in order to create a complementary look.

55. Complement your Topography

Cactus countryside

A sweeping hill is a perfect place to plant your cactus. Their shallow root systems will thrive in this environment.

56. Lose the Lawn

Cactus blooming

Lose the grass and embrace the gravel! Gravel is key for the success of your cactus landscape.

57. Color is Key

Cactus and succulent plants in nature green lush foliage garden

It's amazing how much color a cactus can provide given how little water it requires. Combine different cactus varieties to enjoy an amazing show of color and texture.

58. Southwestern Flair

Cactus and succulent plants

Evoke the Southwestern feeling with gorgeous, bright cacti.

59. Potted Micro Gardens


Combine a collection of potted succulents and mini cactus into one space or container to manufacture a dramatic effect.

60. The Wonders of Cacti

Cacti on a greenhouse

The versatility of the cactus makes it possible for it to be incorporated into your landscape nearly anywhere.

61. Raised Beds

Cacti garden

Raised beds are an excellent option for showing off your cactus landscape. It's a sure way to emphasize the interesting shapes that each plant can form. Install a light fixture above the bed for added enhancement.

62. Take Creative Liberty

Cacti at the tropical gardens

Use your creative liberty whenever you plant your preferred cacti and succulents. Utilize every nook and cranny in your landscape and fill it with beautiful plants. Using the natural elements that are already in the space will help enhance the look.

63. Eye-catching Shapes and Textures

Cacti and succulent

Allow your cacti and succulents to spread on their own to induce a natural flow and appearance in the landscape.

64. Bougainvillea Blooms

Bougainvillea and prickly pear cactus

Partner a prickly pear cactus with the vibrant blooms of a Bougainvillea plant. The textures of these two plants will look wonderful in your landscape.

65. Desert Hues

Botanical garden

The hues of this succulent plant complement the desert landscape. Though they blend in with the landscape, it's a beautiful addition.

66. Fill in your Wide Open Spaces

Beautiful desert landscaping

If you have a vast space to fill, consider using large cacti to take up space. Enjoy the stretch of land without over-planting it.

67. Bold Statements

Beautiful desert garden

If you feel overwhelmed with knowing how many and which plants to plant, you can never go wrong with using larger cacti. Together, they'll make a striking centerpiece.

68. Poolside Perfection in a Desert Oasis

Backyard pool garden

Create a poolside oasis when you utilize cacti and succulents in your landscape. You'll feel transported into another world surrounded by plants like these!

68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

68 Cactus Landscaping Ideas That Will Inspire You

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