11 Tall Flowering Shrubs For Privacy And Hedges

A beautiful, colorful way to add privacy to any yard is to plant flowering shrubs. Flowering shrubs used as hedges add color, fragrance, and texture to an otherwise boring space. Our experts created a list of 11 tall flowering shrubs that can create privacy hedges. 

These 11 tall flowering shrubs work well for privacy and hedges:

  1. Lilac
  2. Hydrangea
  3. Beautyberry
  4. Viburnum
  5. Azalea
  6. Potentilla
  7. Forsythia
  8. Ninebark
  9. Bridal Wreath Spirea
  10. Weigela
  11. Mock Orange

Continue reading to learn more about these flowering shrubs and determine if any will fulfill your landscaping needs. This selection of eye-catching, fast-growing flowering shrubs will amaze you. Let's get started!

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How to Choose the Best Flowering Shrub for Hedges and Privacy

Before we dive deeper into the above list of flowering shrubs, it is important to consider a few factors before deciding on what type of hedge you want to grow. There are a few things you should think about before choosing a hedge. 

  • Preferences
  • Space
  • Growing Conditions

Let's look at each of these factors a little more in-depth and what each one means. 


When deciding on what type of flowering hedge you would like, think about how much work you want to put into maintaining your hedge. Do you want something easy to maintain or something that will require a bit more work? 

The overall look of your hedge is a huge component in choosing your hedge. Are you looking for a hedge that is bold and bright or something more classic? What height do you want your hedge to be? Do you want your hedge to look tidy and trimmed or more natural? 


Keep in mind the amount of space you have for your plants. Measure the length and width of your space and calculate how many plants you will need based on their measurements at maturity.

Do you want a dense privacy hedge or something a little more sparse? Remember, if you choose something too large for your space, it can overtake the area and require constant pruning and trimming. 

Growing Conditions

As mentioned earlier, your planting zone is critical when choosing your shrubs. Click here to find your planting zone based on where you live. 

What's more, where you plant the hedge will make a difference in how the hedge grows. There is a difference if planted in full sun or shade.

The type of soil is also a contributing factor in how the plant grows. Choose plants that will thrive in the conditions in which you plant them.

Best Flowering Shrubs for Privacy and Hedges

Now that you know how to choose the best hedge for you, let's take a look at these stunning shrubs. 

1. Lilac

Flowers blooming lilac. Beautiful purple lilac flowers outdoors. Lilac flowers on the branches

What could be more classic than a lilac hedge? This gorgeous hedge has a reputation for its glorious fragrance and blooms in mid to late spring. The abundant blooms can last for weeks. Lilacs can grow in zones 3 to 7 and prefer to be in full sun. 

These beauties come in a variety of colors from traditional purple, to white, and even mauve. Lilacs can grow up to 30 feet wide and tall. They are fairly low-maintenance and easy to grow. 

Click here to find this lilac bush available on Amazon.

2. Hydrangea


If you are looking for flowering shrubs that are big and bold, this is the choice for you. Creating a hedge filled with these huge colorful blossoms will stop people in their tracks.

Hydrangeas vary in colors such as white, pink, blue, and purple. The acidity level in your soil can determine the color of your hydrangea. For more information on how pH levels in soil can affect hydrangea color, click here.  

Hydrangeas grow best in zones 3-8 and like full sun to partial shade. They are relatively low maintenance and require no special care. Occasional pruning, however, will encourage new growth. Most hydrangeas will mature at 8 feet tall and wide. 

These gorgeous hydrangeas can be purchased on Amazon.

3. Beautyberry

Beautyberry tree or American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) transition of unripe green to ripe purple or Beautyberry Shrub with Purple berries

While the blooms of this shrub are beautiful, the real showstopper comes in the fruits that follow. The pink blossoms will show up in late summer and will develop into stunning, iridescent purple berries.

This fast-growing bush is excellent for planting zones 6-10. If planted in zone 5, it may die back in the winter, but will often re-sprout in the spring. Follow this link for more beautyberry care tips. 

Plant Beautyberry in full sun in well-drained, moist soil. Because Beautyberry grows so quickly, you may want to prune it down to a foot above the ground each spring. It will grow up to 6 feet wide and tall. 

4. Viburnum

Beautiful white balls of blooming Viburnum opulus Roseum.

Several types of viburnum are on the market, but all of them would work perfectly as flowering hedges. Most varieties produce white or pink blossoms that have a spicy yet sweet scent.

Red berries will appear in the fall and this hedge will be sure to attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 

Viburnum is cold hardy and will thrive in zones 2-8. Plant them in full sun to partial shade. These shrubs can be as tall as 16 feet tall and 12 feet wide at maturity. 

5. Azalea


Blooming in the spring, these showy blossoms are sure to elevate any landscape. Not all varieties of azaleas are suitable as hedges, so make sure you choose a variety such as the Encore or North American native plant.

Their trumpet-shaped blossoms come in a multitude of colors such as yellow, purple, pink, or red. Azaleas are excellent for planting zones 7-9 and perform best when planted in part shade.

The soil should be acidic, medium moist, and well-drained. If you're looking for a shorter hedge, azaleas are ideal, as they only grow about 3 feet wide and tall. Click here for more information on azalea care.

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6. Potentilla

Potentilla fruticosa 'Goldstar' (Shrubby Cinquefoil) in a Country Cottage Garden in Rural Devon, England, UK

If an exceptionally hardy shrub is something you're searching for, look no further than the potentilla. This long-blooming shrub produces saucer-shaped blooms, commonly in yellow, creamy white, or orange. 

These versatile shrubs can form a hedge and withstand extreme heat and drought. Zones 3-8 are ideal for the potentilla. 

7. Forsythia

Yellow forsythia and daffodils in the garden

Before this glorious hedge even begins to leaf out, it will have a display like no other. The bright yellow flowers emerge in spring and will remain in blossom for several weeks.

When planted in full sun to part shade, the forsythia shrub will grow up to 10 feet wide and tall. It will maintain its green foliage until fall and will not disappoint. Recommended planting zones are 5-8.

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8. Ninebark

physocarpus opulifolius red baron shrub with tiny flowers

Ninebark is a universal shrub that will tolerate both heat and cold. It is adorned with colorful foliage such as deep purple or coppery red.

Delicate pink blossoms are striking against the almost black leaves in the photo above. Ninebark can grow as large as 8 feet tall and six feet wide. Planting zones 2-8 can enjoy this beauty. 

9. Bridal Wreath Spirea

View of the small white flowers of a spirea Bridal Wreath bush

If you want somewhat of an elegant hedge, consider the bridal wreath spirea. This spirea is easy to grow and is both deer-resistant and drought tolerant. It has an arching habit and will form thick sprays of clustered white flowers.

This romantic-looking hedge will grow up to 8 feet wide and tall and does best in zones 5-8. Bridal wreath spirea is extremely fast growing and may even reach maturity in its first season.  

10. Weigela

Weigela with white and pink flowers blooms in the garden.

Weigela produces trumpet-shaped flowers and is a low-maintenance choice for a privacy hedge. Re-blooming varieties will bloom profusely, becoming full of pink or red blossoms.

Zones 4-8 are ideal planting zones, and it performs best when planted in full sun. These would make a beautiful hedge alone or along a fence line. They mature at 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide. 

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11. Mock Orange

Bloosom bush Philadelphus coronarius. Blooming English dogwood shrub grows in spring garden

While you may think this flowering shrub would be orange, that is not the case. This fabulously fragrant shrub will bloom with white flowers and gives off an enticing citrus scent.

Growing zones 4-8 and perfect for the mock orange shrub. Plant in full sun to partial shade and enjoy this light and airy hedge in your yard. 

In Closing

As you can see, several flowering shrubs will work perfectly as a beautiful hedge or for privacy. Incorporate anything into your landscape, from the romantic bridal wreath spirea to the classic lilac to create the perfect hedges.

After viewing a wide range of flowering shrubs for hedges, hopefully, one of these will suit your needs. Again, consider factors such as space, growing conditions, and preference before choosing the perfect flowering shrubs for your hedge. Happy planting!

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