11 Landscaping Ideas Around Bird Feeders

Deciding how you want to decorate your garden can be a tricky choice to make. Do you want to put out a bird feeder but don't know what to do with the landscaping nearby? Will too many plants or rocks scare potential birds away? We'll discuss these questions and more below in this article. Let's dive in!

Generally, you want to ensure your bird feeder is easily accessible. Whether you want it hanging from a tree or on an in-ground post, your feeder should be sturdy and easy to get into.

Additionally, it's good to plant bird-friendly plants nearby. For example, if you want hummingbirds to fly over, you'll want to incorporate flowers into your landscaping.

As a start, we'll cover everything related to bird feeders and show you our top 11 landscaping ideas. Whether you want a simple design or something ornate, we're here to help. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

Hummingbird flapping wings in front o a feeder with a beautiful garden, 11 Landscaping Ideas Around Bird Feeders

Choosing The Landscaping Around A Bird Feeder

For those wanting to put out a bird feeder, your surrounding landscaping needs to make sense. As we mentioned, the most crucial aspect of planning a bird feeder is ensuring it is easy to access.

Regardless of the birds you wish to attract; there's not much reason to obstruct the entrance(s) to your bird feeding structure with heavy foliage.

Instead, you might want to consider bird-friendly flowers and other sweet-smelling options. In general, birds prefer a place where they can eat and hang out, so the more you aim for that, the higher chance of a popular bird feeder.

Also, you can even hang bird feeders from trees or attach them to your home's exterior, so there isn't one way to accomplish this. Everything comes down to what you're aesthetically after and where birds tend to go within your garden.

With all that said, let's now dive into a list of our top 11 bird feeder landscaping ideas!

Northern Cardinal on Birdfeeder

1. Zen Bird Feeding Space

First up, we have a zen-inspired bird feeder landscaping concept. Although this bird feeder isn't entirely surrounded by greenery, it has just enough to attract a hungry/thirsty bird.

As we covered above, you want to ensure birds can see and access your feeder. Here, the entrance to the bird feeders and water dishes are visible and unobstructed by plants or rocks.

Furthermore, the larger stones could double as a place for birds to sit and relax, so overall, this is a great idea to try and replicate at home.

Gold finch perched on a bird feeder with another flying in to get a spot. In the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

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2. Cheery Pastel Theming

Next, we have a super bright and welcoming bird feeder concept. If you have a garden in need of some vibrance, adding as many fun hues to your bird feeder/bath can do the trick!

In this yard, each feeder has its own landscaping and separated space. Although you don't have to do this, keeping the two apart does have a nice look.

Furthermore, the flowers growing beneath each feeder are sure to attract prospective birds, so when in doubt, add some to your space.

3. Perfect For Bird Watching

Third, we have an excellent idea for any bird watchers. Besides giving the birds more space, this landscaping design is minimal and blends into the natural scenery nearby.

If you prefer your bird feeder(s) to be camouflaged in your garden, try using natural materials, like wood, to construct it.

Another detail to mention is how this bird feeding area doubles as a miniature herb and plant garden, which is a nice touch.

4. Plenty Of Greenery

Switching gears, we have a super lush bird-feeding landscape. Although we recommended not having too many plants close to your feeder, this yard does a nice job keeping their bird feeder accessible.

Here, you can see how the stones toward the feeder's base are bright, which will attract birds to the area. One of the most common mistakes gardeners make when planning a bird feeder is not making it easy to notice by birds flying above, so keep that in mind.

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5. White And Simple Post

For our fifth example, we have this elegant white bird feeder idea. Like many of these gardens, you can see how this bird feeder has its separate landscaping and space within the garden.

Generally, giving your feeder or bird bath some room to breathe can help birds see it better and not scare them off. Sometimes, putting a bird feeder too close to your house or a busy area can deter many from stopping by.

6. Hanging Plants

For anyone who loves hanging plants, this is the idea for you. In this example, you can see how although simple, this bird feeder incorporates hanging flowers from the post the feeder is on.

Additionally, the larger potted flowers below are perfect for attracting hummingbirds, which is great for that particular concept.

7. The More Flowers, The Better

Coming in at number seven, we have this uber-natural bird feeder idea for your garden. Like our other greenery-filled idea, this bird feeder design works for a few reasons.

Not only does having the taller flowers underneath give the feeder a more natural appearance, but it also encourages other wildlife to come to hang out.

Remember, birds are used to other critters in nature, so don't make your feeder feel like a tiny jail.

A blackbird (turdus merula) sitting on a bush of firethorn (pyracantha) with red berries

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8. Bright Red Mulching

Next up, we have a simple and bright bird-feeding landscape idea. As we said throughout this article, finding ways to catch a bird's eye is essential.

Using bright red cedar mulch around the base of your feeder/bath can make a huge difference. For example, birds are more likely to stop by your garden if there is something bright they can see from above.

Furthermore, if they can see water or food that looks easy to access, they will also come over.

9. Perfect For Hummingbirds

Coming in at number nine, we have this super hummingbird-friendly idea. Since hummingbirds typically feed close to where they live, making sure your feeder can handle many hungry friends is a great idea.

Additionally, the bright red exterior of this feeder makes it eye-catching for birds. Of course, you don't have to have as many feeders hanging in your garden as this example, but it is a great reference.

The bare landscaping nearby may act as a barrier for other creatures, so this is perfect if your yard frequently has larger predators running through.

10. High Off The Ground

Next, we have a super interesting concept for a bird feeder. Considering that birds do tend to stay above ground level, keeping your feeder and houses above the plants and people below can be a great idea.

Here, you can see how this gardener uses their walkway underneath the bird feeding structure, which is perfect for those not wanting to lose access to certain parts of their property.

However, you could always hang your bird feeders from a tree if you don't want to do this, so keeping everything above ground is doable regardless.

Bird feeder hanging from tree in garden

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11. Creating A Fairy Garden

If you have young kids or simply love the idea of mystical creatures, this idea is for you. Besides being very cute, creating a fairy garden beneath your bird feeder is a great way to decorate the space.

Generally, birds like to explore nearby surroundings, so what's cooler than a fairy house or two? The taller bird houses and feeders also provide ample space between the fairy village and the plants below, so this is a great reference for your garden project.

Remember, this doesn't only need to cater to birds, so all fairies are welcome!

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To Tie It All Together

Hummingbird flapping wings in front o a feeder with a beautiful garden

Whether you want to put out a new bird feeder or already have one, it's essential to landscape nearby. From what we found, there are endless ways to plan a garden space surrounding a bird feeder.

Generally, it's better to find bright colors for your bird feeder and landscaping, including rocks, fragrant plants and flowers, and even fairy houses. Additionally, you want to ensure your bird feeder is easy to access so that all birds can enter.

Regardless, make sure to find a spot in your yard that is suitable for a bird feeding structure, and don't be afraid to get creative with your landscaping!

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